10 female TV characters who kick ass

After the success of my post about female movie characters who kick ass I decided to follow up with a TV version since TV has also given us some pretty tough female characters although I would argue that we definitely need loads more. Again I am focusing on characters who physically kick ass.


Brienne of Tarth
Show: Game of Thrones (2011 – )
Played by: Gwendoline Christie
Special skills: Swordplay, tenacity, loyalty
Ass kicking level: 7/10
“Jaime Lannister: I hope you’re pleased. If you had armed me, they would never have taken us.
Brienne of Tarth: You were armed when we were taken.
Jaime Lannister: I was in chains if you recall. Our little match would have ended quite quick if my hands weren’t bound.
Brienne of Tarth: All my life I’ve been hearing, “Jaime Lannister, what a brilliant swordsman.” You were slower than I expected. And more predictable…
Jaime Lannister: I’ve been sitting in a muddy pen wrapped in chains for the past year.
Brienne of Tarth: And I’m a woman. I was still beating you.
Jaime Lannister: You were not beating me.
Brienne of Tarth: Maybe you were as good as people said… once. Or maybe people just love to overpraise a famous name.”


Buffy Summers
Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997 – 2003)
Played by: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Special skills: Martial arts, turning anything into a weapon, speed
Ass kicking level: 10/10
“Buffy: I hate this. I hate being here. I hate that you have to be here. I hate that there’s evil and that I was chosen to fight it. I wish a whole lot of the time that I hadn’t been. I know a lot of you wish I hadn’t been, either. This isn’t about wishes. This is about choices. I believe we can beat this evil. Not when it comes. Not when its army is ready. Now. Tomorrow morning, I’m opening the seal. I’m going down into the Hellmouth and I am finishing this once and for all. Right now, you’re asking yourself what makes this different. What makes us anything more than a bunch of girls being picked off one by one? It’s true. None of you have the power that Faith and I do. So here’s the part where you make a choice.”

Gwen Cooper

Gwen Cooper
Show: Torchwood (2006 – 2011)
Played by: Eve Myles
Special skills: Investigation, firearms
Ass kicking level: 5/10
“Owen Harper: Make yourself useful, sweetheart, pass us the big chisel from the toolbox.
Gwen Cooper: It’s Gwen, not sweetheart. One syllable, I’m sure you can manage it.
Owen Harper: Not sweet cheeks, then? New girl?
Gwen Cooper: Shame your tool’s not big enough for the job.”


Show: Vikings (2013 – )
Played by: Katheryn Winnick
Special skills: Swordplay, wielding a shield, military strategy
Ass kicking power: 8/10
“Lagertha: If any harm befalls my children, I will tear the lungs out of your body, priest.”

Martha Jones

Martha Jones
TV Shows: Doctor Who (2005 – ), Torchwood (2006 – 2011)
Played by: Freema Agyeman
Special skills: Military training, firearms
Ass kicking power: 4/10
“Martha Jones: I travelled across the world. From the ruins of New York, to the fusion mills of China, right across the radiation pits of Europe. And everywhere I went I saw people just like you, living as slaves! But if Martha Jones became a legend then that’s wrong, because my name isn’t important. There’s someone else. The man who sent me out there, the man who told me to walk the Earth. And his name is The Doctor. He has saved your lives so many times and you never even knew he was there. He never stops. He never stays. He never asks to be thanked. But I’ve seen him, I know him… I love him… And I know what he can do.”

Max Guevara

Max Guevara
TV Show: Dark Angel (2000 – 2002)
Special skills: Speed, strength
Ass kicking power: 8/10
“Max Guevara: I’ll take him on
AA Man: ladies and gentleman we have a new challenger
Alec: what the hell are you doing?
Max Guevara: I told you to take a dive. Now i’m gonna have to beat your ass myself.
Alec: what do you have against me making money?
AA Man: [To Max] What’s your name cupcake?
Alec: She doesn’t have a name. You know what? she’s not here. she’s not fighting.
Max Guevara: Oh, yes i am
AA Man: Ladies, and Gentlemen, in this corner, hailing from parts unknown, let’s hear it for the curvaceous killer”


TV Show: The Walking Dead (2010 – )
Played by: Danai Gurira
Special skills: Samurai sword
Ass kicking power: 8/10
“Rick Grimes: Do you miss the sword?
Michonne: Wasn’t really mine in the first place. Found it in the very beginning.
Rick Grimes: How’d you get so good?
Michonne: It was just me and them out here all day, every day a good long time. I don’t know what that was, but it wasn’t life. Not like today. Stumbling around in three feet of slime for some peas and carrots, that’s living. I miss Andrea. I miss Hershel.
Rick Grimes: Yeah.
Michonne: I don’t miss what was before. I don’t miss that sword.”


Emily Prentiss
Show: Criminal Minds (2005 – )
Played by: Paget Brewster
Special skills: Psychological profiling, firearms, disguise
Ass kicking power: 4/10
“Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner: Prentiss, this is the job, and I need to know that you can be objective.
Emily Prentiss: And I need to know that I can be human.”

River Tam

River Tam
Show: Firefly (2002 – 2003)
Played by: Summer Glau
Special skills: Hand-to-hand combat, talking in riddles
Ass kicking power: 7/10
“River: I don’t belong… dangerous like you. Can’t be controlled… can’t be trusted. Everyone could just go on without me and not have to worry. People could be who they wanted to be, could be with the people they wanted. Live simple. No secrets.
Simon: No…
River: I’ll be fine. I’ll be your bounty, Jubal Early. And I’ll just fade away.”


Show: Xena: Warrior Princess (1995 – 2001)
Played by: Lucy Lawless
Special skills: Swordplay, speed, strength
Ass kicking power: 9/10
“Gabrielle: Another one’s fallen for you.
Xena: Again? What is it?
Gabrielle: Oh, the blue eyes… the leather. Men love leather.
Xena: I think it’s time for a wardrobe change.
Gabrielle: Yeah. You could try wearing chainmail.
Xena: Nah. That’d just attract a kinkier group.”


  1. Buffy Summers will always be number one for me.

    1. abbiosbiston

      Buffy is the original badass. Every girl wants to be her and every guy wants to… er… buy her coffee.

      1. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

    1. abbiosbiston

      Buffy is amazing!

  2. I love Michonne & Brienne of Tarth! Good choices! I’ve not really watched the other shows but I’m sure they’re good choices too… 😉

    1. abbiosbiston

      Thanks! You haven’t watched Buffy? You would LOVE it!

      1. Nope! Never saw it but did go to the movie when it came out. (I’m old) 😉

  3. great list! I once did a similar post but somehow I missed many of the girls on your list. Seems like there are some TV shows I need to check out =)

    1. abbiosbiston

      I want to be her!

  4. theipc

    No Jamie Sommers?? For shame!

    1. abbiosbiston


      1. theipc

        The Bionic Woman!!!

        1. abbiosbiston


          1. theipc

            THE BIONIC WOMAN!!!!

            1. abbiosbiston

              Nope sorry.

              1. theipc

                I quit!

  5. Buffy.. the best choice by far!

    1. abbiosbiston

      She is the original badass!

  6. I like how you started out with Brienne. She *is* fiercely loyal.

    1. abbiosbiston

      She is my favourite GOT character.

  7. Hell yeah! I always love seeing a strong woman who can kick ass on television/movies!

    1. abbiosbiston

      We need so many more of them!

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