Things I have been cooking lately #112: Coriander and lime chicken salad with goats cheese and sweetcorn

This salad was born mostly out of me chucking together things I had in my fridge but it worked really well together and I would absolutely make it again. I can imagine that many of you would have similar things hanging around in your fridge so I am sharing it with you.

Coriander and lime chicken salad with goats cheese and sweetcorn

400g raw chicken strips

For the marinade

3 spring onions, trimmed and roughly chopped
Juice of one lime
A large handful of fresh coriander
1 clove of garlic
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Half a red chilli
1/2 teaspoon grated fresh ginger

For the salad

50g soft goats cheese
1 avocado
200g baby plum tomato
2 large handfuls of baby spinach
200g sweetcorn (canned or defrosted frozen)

Put all the ingredients for the marinade in a blender and blend until it forms a paste. Cover the chicken strips in the marinade and set aside for an hour.

Once the chicken strips have finished marinading fry them in a griddle pan for about 3 minutes on each side, turning regularly. Set aside.

Put the spinach in a large salad bowl. Halve the tomatoes and add to the bowl. Peel and de-pip the avocado and cut into chunks. Add to the bowl. Drain and add the sweetcorn and crumble over the goats cheese. Top with the chicken strips and serve.

Serves 4


  1. This looks delicious. Such a great combination of ingredients 🙂

    1. abbiosbiston

      It was very tasty and actually kept very well for lunch the next day.

      1. I love it when you make a dish that’s good for lunch the next day. Double duty.

  2. Oooh that looks yummy!

    1. abbiosbiston

      It was so fresh and zingy and quick to throw together.

  3. Yum! (minus one ingredient of course)

    1. abbiosbiston

      If you substituted lemon for lime you could replace the coriander with basil.

  4. Haloumi is the absolute best! Gosh, that salad looks perfect!

    1. abbiosbiston

      This one hasn’t got any haloumi in it but I think it would definitely work in place of the goat cheese.

      1. Lol! Here I thought it was the same thing cause haloumi is made with goat’s milk, too. Hmmm, you can’t go wrong with hamoumi though.

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