We continue to welcome all wankers – March Stats

After the popularity of my post on the search terms that lead people to my blog in February, I have decided to make this a regular monthly feature. And so I bring you March…

The pull of the Top 10 Movie Masturbation Scenes has not lessened in any way, which you can see from the searches underlined in red but there are some other perversions creeping in. Continue to provide your own tissues.

It also seems that there are a few people who are just as annoyed with the current crop of popular actresses as it turned out we all were when I accidentally started that blogathon. (See terms underlined in blue). Go on Keira Knightley with your ridiculous facial expression.

And then there’s the down right weird highlighted in green. This month it’s about Richard Gere’s penis instead of Patrick Stump’s. I swear I have never done any posts about penis. Maybe I should. There is clearly a demand. I want to know absolutely nothing about father peep daughter. com and yes… Bournemouth is pretty hilly…



  1. I should start paying more attention to the search terms as well I guess….let’s you get to know your audience better πŸ˜‰

    1. Abbi

      At the moment it is telling me some quite sad things about my audience. Lol!

      1. Hahaha, yes it does….or you should just create a post of the 10 best masturbation scenes in movies…there obviously is a demand for it. I just checked and IMDB has a keyword for it πŸ˜‰

        1. Abbi

          I did that post already! It’s linked in this post. That’s where they’ve all come from!

          1. Ah! Missed that one!

  2. Hey if you gets your blog noticed, I wouldn’t care. Though some of those search terms are particularly dodgy.

    1. Abbi

      I’m not sure anyone is finding what they’re looking for though! πŸ˜‚

      1. Something tells me they’re searching for something of a more adult nature.

  3. I love this post!
    The weirdest thing I ever had on my search term was “talking on the couch leads to sex”. I swear I never wrote anything like that xD

    1. Abbi

      Thanks! It is true that sometimes talking on the couch does lead to sex though πŸ˜‰

  4. What does it say about me that i think the weirdest search term there is “cottage pie made with rehydrated soya mince”?

    1. Abbi

      I actually do have a recipe for that. It’s a bit of a favourite in my house when it comes to meat-free meals.

  5. Even though I love Keira Knightley, the search terms regarding her are awesome.

    1. Abbi

      Now you know it’s not just me… haha!

  6. theipc

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love these posts!!! Keep up the good work!!!

    1. Abbi

      Most of these searches are still just you, aren’t they?

      1. theipc

        You already know!! Especially that father daughter one….

  7. You make me want to think up odd searches to be featured. πŸ™‚

    1. Abbi

      Hahahahaha! You totally should!

      1. I’ve found a new hobby!

  8. Haha! ‘annoying keira knightley she thinks she is great’! That is so accurate.

  9. Please tell me you know when this Tooth and Nose Day is???

    1. Abbi

      I’m not sure but we should find out and celebrate!

      1. Dammit… I have been looking unsuccessfully… 😦

  10. Oh my those search terms!

    1. Abbi

      I attract a special kind of weirdo!

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