My top 10 Drag Race Feuds

I promise this blog is not going to become nothing but an ode to RuPaul’s Drag Race… although that would be an honour… but I do want to do one more post  about this incredibly awesome show before I move on to other topics. Since I haven’t managed to get my hands on any of the season seven episodes I am using this as a way to deal with my desperate withdrawal symptoms. While last week was all about fabulosity, this week is all about the epic battles that went on in every season, which were just as exciting as the actual competition itself.


Alyssa Edwards vs Jade Jolie
Season: 5
The beef
: Initially Alyssa  and Jade bonded but when Alyssa didn’t pick Jade for a challenge, Jade very quickly turned on her… mentioning that her back rolls didn’t look too “cute” in one of her outfits.
Aggression level: 2/10
Winner: Alyssa.
Benvs Darienne

Darienne Lake vs BenDeLaCreme
Season: 6
The beef: Darienne felt like Ben was a little too proud of her victories in the challenges and her bitterness soon showed. The two were forced to work together several times and it never ended well.
Aggression level: 5/10
Winner: Darienne
TatianavsTyraTatiana vs Tyra Sanchez
Season: 2
The beef:  Both of these girls kind of had a problem with everyone but none more than each other who they constantly accused of being rude. Things came to a head during the wedding challenge and carried on all the way to reunited.
Aggression level:  8/10
Winner:  Tyra


Roxxxxy Andrews vs JInkx Monsoon
Season: 5
The beef: Roxxxy constantly accused Jinkx of playing the victim and making a joke out of drag not getting her comedy style of performance, criticising her relentlessly.
Aggression level: 4/10
Winner: Roxxxy Andrews


Rebecca Glasscock vs the World
Season: 1
The beef: 
Never has a queen been so universally hated by all her competitors. No one wanted to work with Rebecca who was accused of relying on pretty, looking down on everyone and being unpolished.
Aggression level: 6/10
Winner: Rebecca… she never gave two shits what anyone thought of her


Heathers vs Boogers
Season: 3
The beef: The self proclaimed “pretty girls”  (Heathers) banded together against the girls that decided were  less attractive (Boogers) and things soon became very high school. With sub feuds between different clique members breaking out all over the place. Eventually some peace was forged when winner, Raja, offered plus size queen, Stacey her Heathers necklace.
Aggression level: 7/10
Winner: Heathers


PhiPhi O’Hara vs Sharon Needles
Season: 4
The beef: Confirmed pageant girl, PhiPhi immediately hated Sharon’s unique Gothy take on drag but that didn’t stop her from taking credit for one of Sharon’s challenge wins. And Sharon certainly wasn’t afraid of criticising PhiPhi on the runway. Insults flew from start to finished and the two never developed any kind of appreciation for each other.
Aggression level: 9/10
Winner:  Sharon Needles


Laganja Estranga vs Adore Delano
Season: 6
The beef: Although Laganja and Adore arrived as friends things soon turned sour. Laganja somehow took offence to something she thought that Adore maybe said that she couldn’t remember but really it was more about the fact that the judges loved Adore and didn’t get Laganja’s bizarre way of talking. It probably didn’t help that Adore called her out on it. #yesgawd
Aggression level: 1/10
Winner:  Adore Delano


Courtney Act vs Joslyn Fox
Season: 6
The beef:
Joslyn idolised Courtney until she had to work with her at which point Courtney broke Joslyn’s sweet little heart but constantly, bluntly criticising her, even referring to her as a cut price Courtney Act
Aggression level: 3/10
Winner: Courtney Act


Alyssa Edwards vs Coco Montrese
Season: 5
The beef: Coco and Alyssa go way back after Coco had to take over Alyssa’s reign as Miss Gay America when Alyssa couldn’t fulfill her obligations. They hadn’t spoken for two years and there was no love lost when they found themselves once again competing. The two constantly ended up having to work together and the fur flew on several occasions ending in an explosive lip sych for their lives.
Aggression level: 10/10
Winner:  Coco Montrese


  1. How can you say Roxxy won over Jinkx? Ugh, that bitch was so fake it literally made me ill. She should have gone home when she had to lip sync against Alyssa, but then she pulled some sob story out of her ass that had NOTHING to do with anything, and poor Ru had to make them both stay, so she wouldn’t look cold-hearted.

    Feuds are really the worst part of any reality show for me, though, and have caused me to just plain stop watching more than a few of them.

    1. Abbi

      Oh I hate Roxxxy. When I picked who won it was more about which one got the most under the other one’s skin. I love the feuds though.

      1. Ah, ok, I get it. Yeah, poor Jinkx really let that bitch get to her. But, in the end, she got the last laugh! 😀

  2. Another great post, sounds like a really dramatic show!

    1. Abbi

      I think you would love this show. You should see if you can find it.

  3. LOVE this show, I don’t know anyone else who watches this. Season 7 is getting good can’t wait till you see it. Laganja Estranga now she’s crazy.

    1. Abbi

      I am desperate for it to arrive on Netflix. I am having withdrawal!

      1. YES you need it!!! Once you get it you will have to tell me your fave girls.

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