Shitfest Winter 2015: Walking on Bullshit

Remember when I won Shifest Summer 2014 over at the IPC with my review of Eat, Pray, Love? Well I’m back to defend my crown and this year I’m talking about the worst musical ever made, Walking on Bullshit… I mean Sunshine. Head over to the IPC to check it out.

Isaacs Picture Conclusions

I picked  Walking on Sunshine as my Shitfest Winter 2015 entry because every time they showed the trailer in the lead up to its theatrical release I felt physically sick and started twitching. I had to repeat the calming mantra, “the IPC loves me, the IPC loves me,” over and over just to stay in my seat long enough for the actual film to start… and bitch there was a lot of chanting because they showed this trailer continuously for weeks.

So the question has to be… was it a worthy choice? Was it as shitty as the trailer made it look? Read on to find out… [SPOILERS THROUGHOUT]

Walking on Bullshit (2014)

Walking on Bullshit Sunshine opens with a beautiful couple frollicking in the sun on the beach… and punching each other in the arse… as I know all lovers do. We then discover that he is Raf (Giulio…

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