Blogathon: Top 10 Actors I Would See In Just About Anything

Another awesome top 10 actor list. This time from the fabulous, Melissa over at Snap Crackle Watch!


Super cool Brit and Shitfest winner Abbi, from Where the Wild Things Are, has started a national blogging phenomenon with her top 10 lists. If you check out her site, she has lists ranging from the best vampire flicks to the most villainous couples in screen history. Her top 10 actors list though has taken the cake and the baton to make your own list has been passing around the blogs like wild fire.

The lovely Lady Ruth over at FlixChatter has passed it to me. Yippee! Here is my list of actors I would watch in anything from a Kool-Aid commercial to an Oscar-worthy flick.

1. Robert DeNiro
Out of everyone on my list he would have to be my favorite. He is one of the first actors that made me realize I loved movies. I will always remember watching Once Upon a Time in America as a…

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