Film Friday #198

Lucy (2014)

Scarlett Johannson plays Lucy, a very silly young woman who becomes an unwilling drug mule for a Taiwanese cartel after she trusts the wrong man. When the pouch of drugs that has been inserted into her body leaks, Lucy, finds she has been given the key to unlocking all of her cerebral capacity. Unfortunately her body isn’t exactly equipped to deal with her new powers and she’s caught in a race against time to connect with the leading brain capacity researcher, Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) before the cartel catches up with her or her face melts off. Where do I start with this one? Absolutely none of it made any sense to me. First of all Lucy is a really unlikable character after her brain capacity increases. Basically she just goes around shooting anyone who as much as looks at her funny. Apparently this is because the increased capacity cuts her off from her human emotions… but then her entire purpose seems to be to share all her knowledge with humanity. Why? If she can’t be arsed with any of us anyway, why would she need give a monkey’s about whether we knew the secrets of the universe. And what does she need Professor Norman for? She knows fucking everything. And then there’s all this weird wildlife footage interspersed with what’s happening, attempting to make it all serious when it’a really just about a fit bird running around with a gun, which should be fun. Except that it’s not. Even though Lucy is only 89 minutes long, it’s really, really boring and I wish I had never watched it. 1/5


Do not FUCK with me

Do not FUCK with me

Sorority Boys (2002)

Dave (Barry Watson), Adam (Michael Rosenbaum) and Doofer (Harland Williams) are legendary party animals and the heads of their fraternity, KOK’s social committee. Unfortunately they are kicked out when the funds for their annual cocktail cruise go missing and they’re accused of theft. On the upside, Adam has been videoing his sexual exploits and there’s a good chance that whoever really did it is in the background of one of his dirty tapes… if only he could get back in to find it. On the downside the only people getting into the frat house that night are hot girls. So the three dress up in drag and crash the party. These three are not very attractive women though and they are quickly turfed out with the only people willing to take them in being the collection of misfit women from the DOG, sorority… exactly the kind of women they’ve always derided. Now they must stick it out and pretend to be girls until they can make their way onto the cocktail cruise and prove their innocence… if Dave doesn’t ruin everything by falling for house president and strident feminist, Leah (Melissa Sagemiller). I have to admit that this one is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. It’s dumb, sexist and packed with cliches but somehow watching these three idiots land up in the shoes of the women who they’ve treated like shit is very satisfying. Williams is also absolutely hilarious as the least likely idiot stoner to get in touch with his feminine side and teach some unusual girls how to kick ass. Go in with low expectations and you might just get a giggle out of it. 3/5

London fashion week, eat your heart out

London fashion week, eat your heart out

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Will Hunting (Matt Damon) is a wise-cracking M.I.T. janitor at who grew up in foster homes on the wrong side of Boston. He’s also a mathematical genius, which comes to the attention of Professor Gerald Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgard) when he catches Will completing an incredibly challenging equation. He is desperate to explore Will’s gift further but Will is far more interested in drinking with his buddies (Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck and Cole Hauser) and getting into fights. And it’s one of these fights that lands Will in jail. Prof Lambeau manages to bail him out but only on condition that he works with him and sees a psychiatrist. Of course Will has no interest in anyone getting behind his defensive wall and sets about taking the mickey out of one counselor after another, until Prof Lambeau suggests that he see his old friend, Sean Maguire (Robin Williams), who grew up in the same area as Will did. As Sean slowly starts to wear away at Will’s barriers, Will also helps him deal with his grief at the loss of his wife but will he manage to let Sean all the way in? Written by real life best buddies, Damon and Affleck this is the film that catapulted the two of them into the limelight and it’s easy to see why. Will’s story is compelling and comes across as really genuine. Damon gives an impassioned performance as a young man stuck between his potential and his fear of ever being vulnerable and Williams is simply wonderful, which makes the chemistry between the two of them that much more special. It’s of course vital to mention the outstanding supporting cast in the form of Will’s friends as well as the girl (Minne Driver), who might just make him care enough to let his guard down. A deserved classic. 5/5

Will's snowflake mural was not turning out quite as he'd hoped

Will’s snowflake mural was not turning out quite as he’d hoped

First Position (2011)

This real life Centre Stage follows a group of young ballet dancers as they train for the Youth America Grand Prix, where prestigious ballet companies and schools from around the world choose their latest recruits. The documentary addresses not only dedication, hard work and sacrifices required of the dancers (and their families), aged from as young as nine, but also the prejudices some of them have to overcome. This is most obvious from the experiences of Michaela Deprince, a black dancer adopted as a child from Sierra Leone who is constantly told that black women do not have the correct body shape or elegance for ballet (pish)! The dancing is excellent and everyone involved is interesting to watch but somehow I would have liked a bit more drama. It was all a bit too happy for me even when poor little Aran Bell was being whacked by his teacher. Worth a watch for dance fans. 3.5/5


Move bitch, get out the way…


  1. I thought your review of Lucy was spot on as well as Good Will Hunting. The other one I will just take your word for it.

    1. Abbi

      Thanks! I was expecting a lot from Lucy but it was utter shite.

  2. Nice mix. I’d never heard of Sorority Boys but I am curious to see it. Have a soft spot for teen movies set in school/dorms.

    1. Abbi

      It’s really dumb and completely implausible but it cracks me up every time.

  3. HOLY MOLY! A 1/5 on Lucy? Are you serious?

    After the trash that Taken 2 and Brick Mansions was, I’ve been hesitant to check out anything from Luc. I kind of figured Scarlett Johannson could save the material though. Damn….

    1. (I kind of liked Lucy…) 😉

      1. Abbi

        Loads of people did!

    2. Abbi

      I really like Scar-Jo but for the majority of this film she’s being asked to play an almost emotionless character, which makes no use of what an expressive actress she is. I tried to find something to enjoy but after the first 15 minutes or so I straight up hated it.

  4. I guess Lucy will be one of those hate-it-or-love-it kinda films, as all reviews I’ve been seeing say it’s either a genius picture, or one of the worst pieces of shit they’ve ever seen. But I like Besson, and have a total crush on Scarlett, so I’ll definitely be seeing it… eventually :-p My to-watch list is so long that it could stretch around the planet! hehe

    1. Abbi

      From the reviews I’ve read it’s a really Marmite kind of film. I don’t like Marmite and I didn’t like Lucy. Lol! I have loved some of Besson’s other films but something just didn’t connect for me.

  5. Ha! Love that final picture caption. 🙂

    Holy shit! You liked Lucy FAR less than I did!!!! Wow. Lol 😉 You should still check out Under The Skin, though…

    1. Abbi

      I think I really just didn’t get Lucy and I can’t hide from the fact that I was really, really bored. I kept waiting to start having fun with it and it never happened.

  6. I loved LUCY but I appreciated it on a different level…as a camp classic. Funniest movie I saw all year.

  7. Have seen Lucy and Good Will Hunting and agree with you on Good Will Hunting, but like Lucy a lot more than you did.

    1. Abbi

      You’re not alone. A lot of people were really into Lucy but it just did nothing for me.

  8. Hahahahhaa, I actually watched Sorority Boys again the other day. It’s ludicrous and ridiculous, but there are a few giggles stuck away in there.

    Lucy is getting SUCH mixed reviews. My colleague also really, really disliked it though, so I am not really holding out too much hope.

    Sorry I am bombarding your blog, I have fallen behind recently, started prepping for exams again and stuff!

    1. Abbi

      I haven’t been great at keeping up with all the blogs either. It gets hectic.

      Lucy seems to be a total Marmite movie.

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