My top 10 doomed TV couples

So a couple of weeks ago I did my top 10 doomed movie couples… because you know, I love an unhappy ending. It turns out that there are some pretty awesome doomed TV couples too though. These are my favourites.


Joey and Pacey
Played by: Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes
The show: Dawson’s Creek
The obstacle: Joey and Pacey’s joint best friend, Dawson, is in love with Joey and she has old residual feelings for him. They also ultimately have incompatible goals.
“Joey: You were wanting to kiss me all night?
Pacey: Yes.
Joey: Even when you were yelling at me.
Pacey: Especially when I was yelling at you.
Joey: So… is this… some sort of… recent new development in your life?
Pacey: Wanting to kiss you? No. It’s sort of always there… like… white noise, or… the secret service or the threat of nuclear war, for that matter. Just somethin’ you get used to.”


Max and Logan
Played by: Jessica Alba and Michael Wetherly
The show: Dark Angel
The obstacle: Logan is literally unable to touch Max without dying
“Max Guevara: Logan, you’ve got nothing to be sorry for or ashamed of. It’s never been about you not being able to walk. Not for me.
Logan Cale: Will you look at us!
Max Guevara: Pathetic.
Logan Cale: Hopeless.
Max Guevara: Lucky we hooked up.
Logan Cale: Happy Anniversary.”


Captain Jack and Ianto
Played by: John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd
The Show: Torchwood
The obstacle: Captain Jack is an immortal pansexual time traveler, who isn’t much inclined for commitment but even when he does Ianto isn’t long for this world.
“Captain Jack Harkness: How are you, Ianto?
Ianto Jones: All the better for having you back, sir.
Captain Jack Harkness: Could we maybe drop the “sir” now? I mean, while I was away, I was thinking. Maybe we could, you know, when this is all done: dinner, a movie…
Ianto Jones: Are you asking me out on a date?
Captain Jack Harkness: Interested?
Ianto Jones: [scoffs] Well, as long as it’s not in an office. Some fetishes should be kept to yourself…”

tumblr_ln1zzdRwpG1qihsweo1_500“Buffy and Angel
Played by: Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz
The show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The obstacle: Buffy is a vampire slayer and Angel is a vampire, with a soul…  one who will lose said soul if he does the dirty with her.
“Angel: It told me to kill you. You were in the dream. You know. It told me to lose my soul in you and become a monster again.
Buffy: I know what it told you. What does it matter?
Angel: Because I wanted to! Because I want you so badly. I wanna take comfort in you, and I know it’ll cost me my soul, and a part of me doesn’t care.”

tumblr_lgbbew6oWp1qbj0fio1_500Buffy and Spike
Played by: Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters
The show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The obstacle: Poor old Buffy… just after she has finally more or less gotten over one vampire she finds herself falling for another.
“Spike: Something’s happening to me. I can’t stop thinking about you. And if that means turning my back on the whole evil thing…
Buffy: You don’t know what you mean. You don’t know what feelings are.
Spike: I damn well do. I lie awake every night.
Buffy: You sleep during the day.
Spike: Yeah, but- You are missin’ the point. This is real here. I love…
Buffy: Don’t! Don’t say it. I’m going. “


Mulder and Scully
Played by: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson
The show: The X-Files
The obstacle: They work together. No one wants to acknowledge their feelings. Also Mulder is so fucked up.
“Dana Scully: This stubbornness of yours, it’s why I fell in love with you.
Fox Mulder: It’s like you said. That’s why we can’t be together… “

rose-doctor-kissThe Doctor and Rose Tyler
Played by: David Tennant/Christopher Ecclestone and Billie Piper
The show: Doctor Who
The  obstacle: The Doctor is a time traveler over a thousand years old carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, where Rose is a slightly chavvy human. They get stuck in alternate dimensions unable to be together without ripping apart the fabric of reality.
“The Doctor: Rose, you’ve done it, now stop.
[Rose stares straight ahead]
The Doctor: Just let go.
Rose Tyler: How can I let go of this? I bring life.
[we see Jack start breathing again and open his eyes]
The Doctor: But this is wrong! You can’t control life and death!
Rose Tyler: But I can. The sun and the moon, the day and night… but why do they hurt?
[she is crying]
The Doctor: The power’s gonna kill you and it’s my fault!
Rose Tyler: I can see everything… all that is… all that was… all that ever could be.
The Doctor: [stands up] But that’s what *I* see. All the time. And doesn’t it drive you mad?
Rose Tyler: [Rose nods, barely able to speak] My head…
The Doctor: Come here.
Rose Tyler: …is killing me.
The Doctor: I think you need a Doctor.”

eric-and-sookie-first-kiss-sookie-and-eric-14953921-500-262Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse
Played by: Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgard
The show: True Blood
The obstacle: Eric is ultimately pretty evil and Sookie’s too scared that he’s going to drain her of all her tasty fairy blood.
“Eric Northman: [pulling her back] I use to think you had no sense of humor.
Sookie Stackhouse: I use to think you were made of cold, hard stone and empty inside.
Eric Northman: And now?
Sookie Stackhouse: [tender] You’re a big faker. You’re deep. You feel. There’s love in you.
Eric Northman: Only for Sookie.
[kissing her]
Lorena: [to Sookie] You don’t want Bill. He means nothing to you.
Sookie Stackhouse: [moving away] No.
Eric Northman: [pulling her to him] … This is the beginning.
[kissing her passionately]”

charles-bingleyMitchell and Annie
Played by: Aidan Turner and Leonora Crichlow
The show: Being Human
The obstacle: Mitchell is a vampire and Annie is a ghost. Mitchell has also been up to all kinds of terrible badness.
“Annie: Why did I hear those voices? The dead people? I never used to be able to do that.
Mitchell: You turned down death. No one’s ever done that. It’s like it opened something in you.
Annie: Like I’ve got a whole new skill set.
Mitchell: We should make an action figure of you.”


House and Cuddy
Played by: Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein
The show: House M.D.
The obstacle: Mostly it’s because House borders on being a sociopath and constantly makes Cuddy’s life a living hell
“Dr. Lisa Cuddy: You don’t take vicodin because you’re scared. You take it so you won’t feel pain… Pain happens when you care. Y-you can’t love someone without opening up to their problems – their fears. You’re not willing to do that.
Dr. Gregory House: I-I-I came to be with you.
Dr. Lisa Cuddy: You weren’t with me. Not really.
Dr. Gregory House: I wanted to be.
Dr. Lisa Cuddy: That’s not enough.
Dr. Gregory House: I can do better.
Dr. Lisa Cuddy: I don’t think you can. You’ll choose yourself over everybody else because that’s who you are… I’m sorry.
Dr. Gregory House: No. No. No. No. Don’t.
Dr. Lisa Cuddy: I thought I could do this.
Dr. Gregory House: Don’t. Please, don’t.
Dr. Lisa Cuddy: …Goodbye, House.”


  1. Buffy and Angel is such a tragic relationship, always get emotional when Angel leaves for L.A.

    1. Abbi

      So heartbreaking… and they never completely get over each other.

  2. Ah wonderful picks here! Again, as always, truly. I have to do my X-Files run again sometime!

    I gotta say, I was firmly in the Eric and Sookie camp. Finished season seven over the weekend.

    House is SUCH a tool towards Cuddy, poor woman.

    1. Abbi

      I was totally pro Eric and Sookie as well! And I don’t care what anyone says I loved sweet, goofy Eric.

      1. 😀 He was adorable!

  3. So many devastating moments on this list! Poor Buffy and Angel!

    1. Abbi

      I can’t resist an unhappy ending!

  4. Ack! Right in the feels! The Doctor and Rose, all these years later and it’s still too soon! :-p

    1. Abbi

      At least she gets her version of The Doctor. Although I kind of loved her chemistry with Nine even more than Ten.

  5. Nice list. Trying to think of who else could go in there. Wish Mulder and Scully had got together properly.

    1. Abbi

      I think with some of these couples if they had gotten together it would have probably ruined some of the excitement of the show. I am already wishing I put in Tasty and Poussay from Orange is the New Black.

  6. I remember both Buffy relationships. The dialogue between Spike and Buffy is just great stuff! That show was the shit when I was younger. So much fun! I also wanted to marry Buffy when I was 4. My young self was convinced that it would happen one day!

    1. Abbi

      That is adorable. I’m rewatching it from the start at the moment and it’s still absolute gold.

  7. OH, this is so cool!! But just to ease my memory, Pacey and Joey stayed together in the end, right!? 😀

    1. abbiosbiston

      Thanks! In the end Joey chose herself and kicked both guys to the curb.

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