My top 10 blue eyed actors

As you all know there is nothing I like better than borrowing a good idea. This time I have decided to appropriate Cindy Bruchman’s lovely Mr Bright Eyes post where she listed her top ten blue eyed actors with the qualifying point being that the actors blue eyes play a part in their star power. Blue eyes themselves are fascinating from an evolutionary perspective. There is no benefit to blue eyes what so ever and all blue eyes can be linked to a single mutation as originally humans all had brown eyes. The only reason geneticists have come up with to explain why they have survived and are so widespread is because they were likely to have been valued for their beauty, something which still happens today. (Of course I am not just saying this because my eyes are blue).

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch
Best role: Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock
“Mystique is rare now, isn’t it? There aren’t that many enigmas in this modern world.”

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam
Best role: Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy
I was playing pretty boys and these angelic roles like Nicholas Nickleby and all that stuff. And I was like, ‘What am I doing? This isn’t who I am, as a man or an artist.’ I had to overcome people’s belief that I was too pretty to be a badass.”

Christ Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth
Best role: James Hunt in Rush (2013)
“I feel like I’m ready for any dangerous situation that might come my way, provided I have a hammer on me.”

Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy
Best role: Jim in 20 Days Later (2002)
“The best roles you have to fight for. You have to really want to do it and you have to go after it.”


Michael Fassbender
Best role: Edwin Epps in 12 Years a Slave (2013)
“It’s more interesting isn’t it, if I’ve got a hedonistic dark side?”

Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult
Best role: R in Warm Bodies (2013)
“I don’t mind my eyebrows. They add… something to me. I wouldn’t say they were my best feature, though. People tell me they like my eyes. They distract from the eyebrows.”

Paul newman

Paul Newman
Best role: Luke in Cool Hand Luke (1967)
“Show me a good loser and I will show you a loser.”

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston
Best role: Adam in Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)
“I was informed yesterday that there’s a Twitter account for my laugh. Very hard to get used to things like that. Pretty amazing.”

Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel
Best role: Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings
“I’m a farm boy. I would rather live in that time when you had to provide for your family. I don’t know. I’m a country kid, so I don’t like modern technology.”


Garrett Hedlund
Best role: Neal Moriarty in On the Road (2012)
“It’s funny – I read that women look to chiseled-faced guys for one-night stands, and to round-faced guys for marriage. When I’m rounder in the face, I like to say, ‘This is my long-term look.’ Or ‘This is my wife-and-kids look right here.'”


  1. Thanks for the nod, Abbi. Well, your list wiggles and shakes, so you beat me 😉 You’ve got great contemporary examples–yes, to Travis Fimmel and Cillian Murphy. Ahhh, there’s Paul. Still beats them all in my book!

  2. GREAT list! Awesome picks 😉

    1. Abbi


  3. Awesome list here lady, LOVE the picks. Some truly great ones. I adore Cillian Murphy, he has such engaging eyes, glad to see him make the cut, and Cumberbatch? HMMMMMMMM. Hoult is adorable, too.

    …. but NO DiCaprio?! ;(

  4. Tom

    Nice! Haha that Garrett Hedlund quote is really funny

    1. Abbi

      It’s hilarious. I have a newfound respect for him.

  5. Ooooh nice! There’s just something about pretty blue-eyed actors, huh? Haven’t really seen much of Hedlund or Fimmel, but a big yes for all the rest of these. 😀

    1. Abbi

      I would highly recommend checking out Vikings for a bit of Fimmel action. He is seriously hot.

  6. Ahem.. Benedict has green eyes 😉

    1. Abbi

      You make a good point but it might depend a little bit on the picture/mood. Mine often look green.

      1. Not that it really matters what colour his eyes actually are, he’s stunning either way! hubba hubba :-p

  7. I love this list!!!!! Thank god Paul Newman is on here. SUCH a beautiful face. And, of course, Hemsworth. ; ) Funny thing is, I’m actually a huge fan of brown-eyed boys! But god Hemsworth’s are such a perfect shade of blue… : )

    1. Abbi

      You can;t have a blue eyes post without Paul Newman! i love a pair of soulful brown eyes myself. I think I might need to do a top 10 brown eyed actors as a follow up!

      1. You should! Please be sure to include Jim Sturgess in your brown-eyed list. And JAKE RYAN. : )

        1. Abbi

          We’ll see… you can always join me and do your own ; )

          1. Hmm…. I just might! ; ) I always notice the eye color of actors/actresses & love ones that are unique. Maybe I’d combine male & female in one list. Hmmmm….. Will give it some thought! : )

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  10. Kenroy Cherrington

    I love having dark brown eyes, which women and some guys have notice, are bold but blue eyes I would like to have because they’re rare in the US and, as for green eyes, they’re rarer around the world.

    1. abbiosbiston

      I like both. I think it all depends on the person. I did actually do one on my favourite brown eyed actors too.

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