Desert Island Classics: Where The Wild Things Are

After a brief hiatus our ultimate community builder Mr Tyson Carter is back and sharing some classic editions of his famous desert island movie choices… including mine. If you’ve ever wondered which eight movies I’d take on a desert island with me, this is your chance!

Head In A Vice


Whilst I eagerly await your blogathon entries (please feel free to join in, click HERE for details), I wanted to shine some light on my long running Desert Island Films series, and more importantly the people who joined in and made it so much fun to do. I am therefore randomly visiting the archives and re-posting a few of the lists with some added kind words. I present to you; Desert Island Classics…… You may have read all of the lists so far, but I hope you won’t mind seeing a few of them again, and who knows, you may even find some new blogs to read.

Today I think we should have another female castaway, so I want to welcome Abbi from Where The Wild Things AreYesterday she was proudly announced as the winner of my good friend Eric’s Shitfest Summer 2014 competition, and today…

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  1. Cool list, Abbi! HUGE fan of Fight Club and Moulin Rouge!

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