My top 10 Anchorman quotes

When I did my top 10 quotable movies last week I somehow managed to miss out Anchorman.  I don’t know how this happened but I am deeply ashamed. So in honour of one my all time favourite comedies, I have decided to devote a whole post to my favourite catchphrases from the mouths of Ron Burgundy and his news crew. Fuck you. San Diego.

tumblr_mg58ykoqet1ry7oico1_500Real world application: My friends Justin and Brett once ended up staying in the red light district during a city break to Amsterdam and apparently declared nightly that they were going “back to their home on whore island”.

tumblr_m8wvhere851roxtbmReal world application: I might use this every time I have a new outfit. Reports are unconfirmed.


Real world application: After pretty much every evening when I say I am going to go our for one drink after work.


Real world application: Great for neutralising a silly argument.


Real world application: Back in the day my flatmates and I actually hosted a “dirty pirate hooker” themed party. We decided to change it from smelly to dirty as in the Xtina definition because no one wants to be smelly… even if they’re pretending to be a pirate hooker.


Real world application: Believe it or not a colleague actually said this to me during a meeting the other day when we were trying to debunk some or other nonsense myth that someone was trying to feed us.


Real world application: I instantly regret a lot of my decisions. Many of them about how big the weights are that I’ve put on my bar for body pump class.


Real world application: Milk is always a bad choice. Yuck!


Real world application: The “that’s amazing” bit gets wheeled out pretty much every time something impresses me.


Real world application: I work with a lot of statistical analysis so every time we have an assumption that doesn’t pay off or someone messes up a calculation this is the perfect quote.


  1. Haha, I couldn’t help but read these out in their voices!

    1. Abbi

      That’s the best way!

  2. Haha excellent! I use nearly all of these in everyday life! Also ‘I’m gonna punch you in the ovaries’ and ‘You’re just a woman with a small brain. With a brain a third the size of us. It’s science.’!

    1. Abbi

      Erm… I’d need to hear the real world application for those.

      1. Yeah, i’ve been fired from lots of jobs for some reason 🙂

  3. I’m taking some credit for this post. Cheques to usual place please 😉

    1. Abbi

      Of course! You played a big part!

  4. It had some funny lines, but for me a lot of the humour felt forced. Maybe I’ll enjoy the sequel more?

    1. Abbi

      I had to watch it 3 or 4 times before it actually hit home for me but now it absolutely slays me. I loved the second one but if you didn’t like the first I think you probably still wouldn’t like it.


    YES! YES! YES!

    1. Abbi

      And you look like a giant blueberry… and you have bad hair!

  6. Cracks me up when he reads “I’m Ron Burgundy?” from the teleprompter. I like that one you picked out “60% of the time it works all the time”, which is so illogical that its funny. Also, makes me chuckle when he warms up his voice with “How now brown cow”

    1. Abbi

      That bit is hilarious. “The human torch was denied a bank loan.”

  7. Hi, Abbi!! Catching up on stuff I missed again. Anchorman isn’t my favorite movie, but even I have to admit that these guys say some pretty hilarious stuff. Great post! 🙂

    1. Abbi

      It’s amazing how these quotes creep into your subconscious and end up becoming part of your vocabulary.

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