The Shitlist – my top 10 most irritating actors

It’s like a wave that just keeps going! Check out Laura’s most annoying actors over at Film Nerd Blog. Hint: There’s more Bale-hate.


This post is inspired by Abbi over at Where the Wild Things Are, who recently posted a very funny piece entitled ”The top 10 actors that irrationally annoy the shit out of me’.

In no particular order, here is my own top 10.  Or should that be bottom 10?

Ben Affleck: I’m not really sure why he annoys me so much.  Maybe it’s that whole all-American square jaw thing.  I basically don’t like the guy’s face, and would be put off watching anything with him in.  I mean, did you see Pearl Harbour?  Pee-eew!

Irritation exception: Argo.  Even I have to admit it was quite good.

Look at that smug grin!  Argh! Look at that smug grin! Argh!

Bradley Cooper.  Argh!  There’s a definite Ben Affleck thing about this guy insofar as I can’t stand his face.  I know plenty of girls who think he’s the bee’s knees but I just cannot see it. It’s…

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