Top Ten Actors Who Annoy Me

Rah! Check out Table Nine Mutant’s most annoying actors over at Cinema Parrot Disco as this blog just keeps spreading!

Cinema Parrot Disco

Here we are with another list first started by the amazing Abbi of Where The Wild Things Are. You can see her list, “The Top Ten Actors Who Irrationally Annoy The Shit Out Of MeHERE. 🙂 I did the list of my most annoying actresses HERE so now it’s time for the boys. Then next week I’ll be all nice with lists of my favorite actors & actresses (but hate is so much more fun…). 😉 And I’ll actually get around to replying to all your great comments on these soon! Sorry – it’s been a very hectic week!

So here are my Top Ten Actors Who Annoy Me:

20140801-013812 am-5892192.jpg

Tom Cruise
Best Movie: Top Gun (but Edge Of Tomorrow was surprisingly good!)

20140801-013902 am-5942886.jpg

John Travolta
Best Movie: Carrie or Pulp Fiction

20140801-013942 am-5982653.jpg

Christian Bale
Best Movie: The Prestige

20140801-014019 am-6019433.jpg

Robert Pattinson
Best Movie: Harry Potter & The Goblet…

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    1. Abbi

      Table Nine Mutant had some great picks!

      1. What is it with Christian Bale? He’s always creeped me out.

        1. Abbi

          And me! He’s a great actor but he appears to be a real dick offscreen.

  1. It’s like wildfire! Love that everyone is making their own list 🙂 Great idea, Abbi!

    1. Abbi

      I wish now I had done it as a blogathon. And that I started reblogging from the start because I’ve missed some!

      1. You can still do it as a blogathon and add the entries we’ve made so far.

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