Throwback Thursday #36: To Newquay we go

This photo of me and my friend, Lucy, en route to Newquay where a bunch of us spent five days five years ago. The caption is pretty apt because no matter how much time Lucy and I spend apart whenever we do get together something weird happens. After about 10 minutes we start to speak in our own odd little language. I don’t know why but we bring out the absolute weird in each other. We spent most of our time in Newquay shouting “nippleball” and “soup in a tube” at each other. It was wonderful.

It’s also a time when I had really long hair and this is the texture my hair is in in its natural state. I’m trying to grow it out now but time will tell if I have the energy to deal with all its wildness at this length again.

I am 28 and I think Lucy is 19 or 20.



  1. The wild hair is very pretty. But, yeah, the longer it is, the more work (and hot).

    1. Abbi

      My hair is very fine but there is loads of it so it tends to make these mega knots. I now actually shave the back of my hair now to take the bulk out. You can’t see it when it’s down and when it’s tied up it looks like of cool and edgy.

    1. Abbi

      It was such a good trip!

    1. Abbi

      It was a blow up ball covered in little bumps… we named it nipple ball…

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