The top 10 actresses that I’d see in pretty much anything

As much fun as all the negativity of the last two week’s top 10’s was, I wanted to turn the tables this week and talk about 10 actresses that I actually really love. These are the ladies that keep me coming back to the theatre again and again and whose films I always seek out.


Jennifer Lawrence
Where is the love?: I love how she’s so comfortable being awkward. She doesn’t give a shit about how she is supposed to behave in interviews or at awards ceremonies and she’s also an excellent actress.
Best role: Rosalyn Rosenfeld in American Hustle (2013)
The one even see couldn’t convince me to see: House at the End of the Street (2012)
“I picked up an issue of Cosmopolitan the other day that had tips for job interviews, because I was like, ‘I need to get better at interviews.’ The article was basically about how to get someone not to hate you in 20 minutes. Every single thing they told you not to do, I was like, ‘I do that every day.’


Julianne Moore
Where is the love?: She’s amazing in everything she does and has no need to keep injecting things into her face as she gets older. #imlookingatyoukidman
Best role: Charley in A Single Man (2009)
The one even she couldn’t convince me to see: The Ladies’ Man (2000)
“With actors, all our ages are out there for all to see – you can’t hide anything, really. And it’s kind of a relief. This is my age, this is what I look like without makeup on – who cares? That youth culture – that lying about your age – it’s all denial of death anyway.


Amy Adams
Where is the love?: She’s really, really versatile and her boobs are incredible and real!
Best role: Charlene Fleming in The Fighter (2010)
The one even she couldn’t make me see: Underdog (2007)
“I was a pretty scrappy, tough kid; I got in all sorts of fights at school. I defended myself – boys didn’t mess with me. But as one of seven children, you have to fight for everything anyway.


Emily Blunt
Where is love?: I genuinely believe she is one of the most beautiful women who has ever lived… plus she’s a total badass!
Best role: Queen Victoria in The Young Victoria (2009)
The one even she couldn’t make me see: The Five-Year Engagement (2012)
“I can understand there are things like shadows they need to fix after a shoot, but it’s unfair to represent an image of yourself if it’s not true. They’re gonna see what you look like on film anyway, so why try to cover all your wobbly bits in a photo?


Maggie Gyllenhaal
Where is the love?: She picks really interesting roles and seems totally comfortable in herself.
Best role: Jean Craddock in Crazy Heart (2009)
The one even she couldn’t make me see: Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (2010)
“I think sex is very interesting for most people, but I’m interested in sex as a way of communication, I’m not that interested in the fantasy version of a sex scene.


Meryl Streep
Where is the love?: She lives up to every element of her hype. She’s just that good.
Best role: Joanna Kramer in Kramer vs Kramer (1979), although she has been fabulous in, like, everything
The one even she couldn’t make me see: Mama Mia! (2008)
“Integrate what you believe in every single area of your life. Take your heart to work and ask the most and best of everybody else, too.


Mia Wasikowska
Where is the love?: She chooses really interesting weird roles and although she isn’t classically Hollywood beautiful she is capivating.
Best role: India Stoker in Stoker (2013)
The one even she couldn’t make me see: Rogue (2007)“I like to do projects that challenge me, and hopefully in turn challenge the audience, or open your eyes to something you’re not aware of.”


Sandra Bullock
Where is the love?: I don’t care what anyone says about Sandy B, I think she has amazing comic timing and I mean how incredible does she look at almost 50?
Best role: Gracie Hart in Miss Congenialty (2000)
The one even she couldn’t make me see: The Proposal (2009)
“I’ve made peace with the fact that the things that I thought were weaknesses or flaws were just me. I like them.


Tilda Swinton
Where is the love?: She is an incredible chameleon who can disappear into any role.
Best role: Eva Khatchadourian in We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)
The one even she couldn’t make me see: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)
“I’ve been on the other side of the table many times, trying to get people to be sympathetic to projects, and I’ve been the victim of that kind of intense kindness masking extreme stupidity.


Helena Bonham Carter
Where is the love?: Nobody plays beautifully batshit crazy like HBC and she is perfectly comfortable looking like a bag lady.
Best role: Marla Singer in Fight Club (1999)
The one even she couldn’t make me see: The Lone Ranger (2013)
“No, I can never rely on Tim to make me pretty.


  1. Great list here lady! I must say though that I am really, really not a fan of Amy Adams AT ALL. I think Sandra Bullock was excellent in Miss Congeniality!

    1. Abbi

      So I am guessing Amy Adams would be on your “most annoying” list? Lol! Miss Congeniality is my ultimate guilty pleasure favourite.

      1. Hahaha she actually would! I just don’t get the hype surrounding her at all.

        I haven’t seen it in years but I watched it quite a few times when I was younger. “I’m GLIDING here!” Ah, funny funny.

        1. Abbi

          I hear you. It’s all so personally subjective.

          “You think I’m gorgeous. You want to kiss me. You want to marry me.”

          1. Something I love, the diversity of people!

            Ah, sheesh, maybe for old time’s sake I should watch it again!

  2. Great list! Really like that you’ve put Mia Wasikowska on here, I think she’s excellent! I couldn’t make this list without having Marion Cotillard on there though!

    1. Abbi

      Thanks! I think Mia Wasikowska is definitely one to watch. I think she has a really exciting career ahead of her. Marion Cotillard is an excellent choice though, she’s great!

  3. Replace Bullock with Emma Stone and I am pretty much in agreement.

    1. Abbi

      I like Emma Stone but I lost a bit of respect for her after Easy A. I really, really didn’t like the message of that film.

  4. theipc

    Tilda Swinton can Tilda my Swinton ANY day….

    1. Abbi

      Mine too 😉

  5. Your tastes are similar to mine except for 2 — I think I’m the only person on the planet who thinks Jennifer is overrated. HBC is super talented, but she’s sour milk for me as the years have rolled on. Everyone else is golden!

    1. Abbi

      You’re definitely not. Several people commented that she should have been on the annoying list. Lol! I haven’t loved all of HBC’s recent roles but she has such awesome past ones that I keep seeing her films in the hope things are going to improve.

      1. That’s a positive way of putting it for HBC. I thought she was perfect in Alice in Wonderland but I thought her singing was medicore at best in Sweeney Todd. I loved her in The King’s Speech and all her other “normal” roles. I was such a huge fan from the beginning. While I respect Tim Burton and admire several of his visions, I’ve grown tired of him and her film partnership. I could hardly stand to look at her in Les Mis or the awful Long Ranger.

  6. Agree x10! With the possible exception of Bullock from time to time! I disliked Gravity despite it being a critical darling and she annoyed the hell out of me in it. Clooney was worse though haha!

    1. Abbi

      I know she’s not everyone’s favourite and wasn’t completely loved in Gravity. Glad you liked the others though!

  7. Superb list, Abbi! Huge fan of all of these ladies!

    1. Since I never went through with my 100 Days of Happiness (out of laziness, really), I’d like to do my own versions of top 10 actors/actresses who annoy me and the ones who I’d see in anything, inspired by your lists. What do you think?

      1. Abbi

        You should absolutely do it! I would love to see them! And there there’s still time to do 100 Days of Happiness…

        1. Now with your blessing I’ll definitely do them. Expect them soon!

          And about 100DOH, it’s a great project but when I tried to start, I forgot to take a picture almost every day! haha It would take me a whole year to complete it haha

    2. Abbi

      Thanks! They are all super 🙂

      1. I think our lists are gonna be very similar! haha

        1. Abbi

          Can’t wait to see them!

  8. Freaking love every single one of these! I have a very similar post on my list to do soon, actually!

    1. Abbi

      Yay! I’d love to see yours. Did you see the one about the actresses I don’t like so much:

  9. Love it! Agree with you on all of these women, what a refreshing change from last week’s bitch list, right?! I have to say I love J Law (who doesn’t and if she does, please let’s find this person) and Julianne Moore, I absolutely love her!!! One of my faves is The Kids are Alright… something about her in that movie, she was cool, relatable and sexy.

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  11. We SO have the same taste in actresses. : ) The only one I don’t like here is Maggie Gyllenhaal. I LOVE Amy Adams & Emily Blunt. I’ll have to do a list of top ten actors & actresses at some point. Keep meaning to but I don’t like enough of them. Think I’ll steal your idea soon of ones I hate instead, though. lol! Expect a link to your list if I ever get around to it (too busy for blogging much lately! Miss it) : ( Can’t wait to see if we hate the same actresses as well… ; ) Bet we do! I hope Megan Fox is on that list! And Paltrow! And Knightley!

    1. Abbi

      Ah I love Maggie! Lol! I would be happy for you to borrow my idea. Fernando did one and it was great!

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  23. Hi Abbi! For some reason I thought I had commented here. Well, great picks overall. I’m working on mine right now and we have a few in common 😉

    1. Abbi

      I’m looking forward to seeing yours!

      1. Ok it’s up now, took me a while but it was fun working on it! 🙂

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  28. You should definitely watch The Proposal, it is one of my favourites in its genre (then again, I’m an addict when it comes to rom-coms), it is genuinely funny. And Mamma Mia! is on better side of musicals. But great list again!

    1. Abbi

      Eep… I’m not a rom-com fan and I really don;t like musicals but I might just give them a go one day. Glad you liked the list.

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