100 Days of Happiness: Day 61 – 70

Some astute observers might realise that this post is a little more than 10 days after the last one. That’s because I actually missed a couple of days because I literally forgot. Work has been really intense and it’s distracted me from the project. I did consider giving it up but then I figured it’s not called 100 consecutive days of happiness and I really love the concept so I’m sticking with it… even if it’s a little late.

Day 61
On Tuesday last week I made an overnight trip to Brussels on the Eurostar for a meeting. I was feeling absolutely exhausted but coffee saved the day!

Day 62
Mr O bought this for me as a surprise treat. I am an absolute ice-cream fiend so I was thrilled. If you get a chance to try out one of these giant Oreo ice-cream sandwiches, take it. They are delicious.

Day 63
After a long day during a busy week nothing beats getting into bed. Especially if there is a lovely person im it next to you.

Day 64<
I tend to own simple, cheap gym wear mostly because I’m broke and when I started working out I never actually thought I’d stick with it but not long ago my friend, Karen, gifted me some gorgeous branded stuff that no longer fit her. These polka dot Nike leggings are my favourite and I’m happy to say I was the most stylish person in my Body Pump class last Friday.

Day 65
Freshly dyed hair! Hurrah to no more roots!

Day 66
I bought this vintage leather handbag when I was in Amsterdam. In the UK vintage handbags tend to be outrageously expensive and even more so if they’re real leather but I got this one for only €10! This was its first outing.

Day 67
Mr O had band practice on Tuesday night so I decided to go on a little solo trip to the movies to see Belle. Sometimes a date with yourself is the best!

Day 68
I’m not sure there is anything that tops spending your life with someone who makes you laugh all the time.

Day 69
Some work days just need to end with wine. This is me and my awesome colleague, Vikki, after a glass or two of red in our friendly neighbourhood gay bar. Whenever we go out together it always gets messy.

Day 70
Some weeks just need to end in takeout. That is all.


  1. whatbliss

    Shiny hair! Very cute!

    1. Abbi

      Thanks! The secret is Moroccan oil 🙂

  2. Nicely done lady!

  3. Love your 100 days posts, will you continue past 100 days? Solo movie dates are the best and so is going to gay bars with good friends. Love the fresh and hot red hair!

    1. Abbi

      I think I’m probably going to do a monthly round up of happy moments once the challenge is over. I love doing the pics but since my life is satisfyingly repetitive and comfortable it’s hard to keep it fresh taking pictures everyday cos it’s the same stuff that makes me happy again and again.

      1. That’s true, I am sure you start to see patterns as you document parts of your life for 100 days. But hey like you said that’s a good thing!

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