Throwback Thursday #31: Granny Peg

In my family it’s often said that I look like my father’s mother, Granny Peg (short for Peggy, short for Margaret). Unfortunately you can’t see much of her face in this picture but there is definitely a strong resemblance down to the little bump on the left of my nose and a tendency to bustiness. Of course I am 5’7 and Granny Peg was 4’10! Unfortunately she passed away in 2001 after quite an exciting and glamorous life having left an indelible mark on our family.

I am about 4, my brother, Pete is probably 9 or 10 months and Granny Peg would be 66.



  1. Such a lovely photo, I love going through old pictures, there’s something so nostalgic about it.

    1. Abbi

      I recently got a pile of them from my mum when I was visiting in South Africa. I didn’t have any before so it’s been lovely to share them with my British family and enjoy the happy memories.

  2. I had a Gammy Peggy too!!!! Cute photo!

    1. Abbi

      Thanks! I still really miss her. She had some amazing stories.

  3. Now I’m curious about her exciting and glamorous life…

    1. Abbi

      When she was a young woman she went to see a fortune teller who told her she would be back in 6 weeks with a ring from a foreign man. A few days later she met my Oupa, who was a Dutch businessman and they almost immediately got engaged, proving the fortune teller true!

      She then went and lived in Ghana with my Oupa where she used to sit in the local hotel bar glammed up to the nines drinking whatever the hotel wanted to get rid of so that soldiers would come in and order it to impress her. Here with their western money they were very wealthy so they had lots of servants. One of whom was a cook who taught her to make all kinds of interesting Ghanaian dishes – one of which was a whole chicken boiled in peanut butter (yes, really) that I can still recall the taste of. it was wonderful.

      Then she and my Oupa moved to Holland where they had my dad. She didn’t speak a word of Dutch but managed to learn it within weeks as well as all the Dutch recipes my Oupa liked.

      When my dad was 4 they moved back to South Africa where she spent all of her time entertaining his business associates with lavish parties. Somewhere there are some amazing photos of her in all kinds of evening gowns but I am not sure where they have gotten to.

      1. Wow, she did lead an interesting life! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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