100 Days of Happiness: Day 31 – 40

So we’re more than a third of the way in now and the happiness is still flowing. In this last 10 days I have learned that you can’t plan your happiness and you should focus on happy moments as they happen. I had several days where I thought, “I wish I’d taken a picture of…” But then that just made me realise that my days generally have lots of happy moments in them… and that made me even more happy!

Day 31
The kids in my neighbourhood drew on the pavement with chalk. Not only were their crazy drawings really cute but it also reminded me of doing the same when I was little and that made me happy.

Day 32
I cooked squid for the first time and I was worried it was going to be like rubber but it was delicious and that made me happy especially because I had to gut the squid myself.

Day 33
It was frappuccino happy hour at Starbucks so I got a mocha coconut frappuccino for only £1.77. Perfect for a hot day.

Day 34
Mr Osbiston bought me tulips, which are one of my favourite flowers and they really brightened up our front room and made me excited for our upcoming trip to Amsterdam.

Day 35
Every year my company participtes in the Great Places to Work survey. As a manager with in the business I’m really proud of our rating and the fact that it shows how much employees are valued. Our 2014 ranking came in last week and we are officially the 26th best medium sized company to work for in the UK.

Day 36
I voted in the European and local elections. I feel happy every time I exercise my democratic right and every vote that isn’t for those right wing, racist cunts UKIP is something to celebrate. (Excuse my language but there is no other appropriate word for them).

Day 37
X-Men: Days of Future Past actually lived up to the hype and the Quicksilver scenes were just awesome!

Day 38
I wore purple lipstick. I did not care.

Day 39
This picture is of my wrecked kitchen after Sunday dinner. Why? Because it’s evidence that I made my friends a lovely meal and nothing makes me happier than feeding people I love!

Day 40

Post workout bubble bath waiting for me to get in. The little things are the best things!


  1. Such a positive and motivational post Abbi.

    1. Abbi

      Thank-you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Maybe you’ll try one of your own?

      1. That’s a good idea, thanks Abbi. May try it out when I get the time.

  2. I love it when I am not the only one throwing the C bomb around 😛

    Love these posts, they make me smile!

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