Throwback Thursday #30: Early dates

This picture was taken on one of Mr O and my very first dates (before we split up and got back together). We are on our way to a club night called Face Down to see Sonic Boom Six. I am 28 and he is 25. Courtesy of Timehop, which I recently discovered.



  1. Loving your hair lady, you guys look so sweet together!

    1. Abbi

      Thanks, man! Trying to grow my hair again. It’s so thick that it can be a nightmare when it’s really long but it’s a lot easier since mu hairdresser suggested I get an undercut to thin it out a bit.

      1. Yeah that might help! GROW IT. I am such an advocater of long hair hahaha. You have STUNNING hair!

        1. Abbi

          Aww thanks. I have that kind of hair that is really, really fine but there is loads and loads of it so it has a tendency to make these epic bush knots that take hours to get out so I always get to a point of frustration when it’s reall long where I cut it all off in a fit of rage. Mr O is desperate for me to have it long again though.

          1. Jeesh those must be a bitch to get out. Meh. Well, let your hairdresser work her thinning magic. It looks really good where it is now, too, because it isn’t necessarily short or anything. 😀 WE WANT PICS OF YOUR PROGRESSSSSSS!! If he manages to twist your arm around enough haha!

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