Outfit of the week #48: Corporate chic

My company doesn’t have a dress code per say so most days my corporate look isn’t really very corporate at all but occasionally I like to go in for some more traditional boardroom wear like today.

I haven’t worn this skirt in a while and when I put it on I realised just how much too big it is now. When I first got it I could barely zip it up but today I cinched in the belt as far as it goes and I can still wriggle out of it without undoing the zip. Time for a trip to the tailor I think.

I am wearing a black, tan and cream tartan pencil skirt with leather pocket accents and a black leather skinny belt with a sheer black blouse, both from Next. I have paired this with a black vest from Marks and Spencer, black tights from Primark, my navy blazer from New Look and tan brogues from Dune.

Do you dress up or dress down for work?
Do you have any clothes that don’t fit anymore that you can’t bear to part with?









  1. Go you! Love this with the brogues.. xxx

    1. Abbi

      Can’t go wrong with a good pair of brogues. They are the perfect combo between masculine and feminine.

  2. Very cute I like it, sorta boardroom meets schoolroom look. I don’t have to wear full on suits to work thank god! But I do wear slacks and nice tops (yawn).

    1. Abbi

      I used to work in financial services marketing and I had to wear a suit every day. I hated everything about it.

      1. Yeah it looks cute for like a day or 2 but when it becomes your life you get over that real quick.

  3. looking gorgeous, we love your office chic outfit!

    1. Abbi

      Thanks so much! Xx

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