100 Days of Happiness: Day 11 – 20

I’m into the second tenth of my 100 Days of Happiness project… so let’s check out what made me smile over the last 10 days.

Day 11


I don’t go to Starbucks often because their coffee is tasteless and overpriced but on the odd occasion that I do, it’s nice to get your name spelled correctly with only one correction.

Day 12


Some of you will have read about the Love Letters to the Home Office project I’ve been working on. Last Monday we launched the book (which you can buy on Amazon). I got to read out one of the stories as well as my manifesto of how the Home Office should operate. It was a very special and very emotional night.

Day 13


I fricking love Game of Thrones. It’s on Sky here, which we can’t afford anymore. We do subscribe to NowTV though, which lets you watch it live and on demand (legally) but sometimes it takes them ages to upload it. I was really happy when they finally did.

Day 14


On Tuesday I voted in the South African elections. There was a really hard fight for non resident citizens to vote and I wasn’t going to let my chance go by. I don’t live in South Africa anymore but voting for a better future for my friends and family makes me happy. For those who are wondering, I haven’t slammed my thumb in a door. Inking is part of the voting process that prevents fraud.

Day 15


I finally went to visit my friends, Dawn and Bobby in their new flat. We have both recently had trips to South Africa so we hadn’t seen each other for almost 2 months and it was great to catch up. I probably should have taken a picture inside the flat but I was having such a good time I forgot.

Day 16


Mr Osbiston and I have been saying we’re going to visit the amazing smelling local Italian restaurant just off our block since we moved into our flat almost a year ago. On Friday we finally went for date night and it was delicious.
Day 17


We went to Chelmsford over the weekend to visit Paul’s family. We also got to see his best friend, Greg and Greg’s wife, Tara… and meet their five week old little boy, William, for the first time. What a handsome little chap!

Day 18


We had a big family braai (BBQ) on Paul’s parents new patio. It was great to catch up with everyone and also eat about a million sausages.

Day 19


Our washing machine has been broken. It finally got fixed (one of my socks was trapped in a draining hose…oops) and I got to do laundry.

Day 20


I was walking to the cinema and spotted this amazing sky, which reminded me of how much I love my neighbourhood.


  1. Another graet 10 days! I’m loving this series. Thinking of doing my own.

    1. Abbi

      You should! I’d love to see it!

      1. 🙂 Coming soon (probably)

  2. This is great! I should do something similar because I’m actually a very negative person… Look forward to seeing more of these. : )

    1. Abbi

      I genuinely believe that half of one’s outlook on life is what you choose it to be. It’s easy to slip into a negative patch though, because let’s face it… half the time life sucks. Finding one thing each day to be happy about is a great way to kick start being mindful of your own joy and how much there is if you take the time to look for it. Would love to follow yours if you decide to do it.

  3. elmundooo

    Sooooo sweet ❤

  4. Love this post! I know we like to read about movies around these parts, so this is a nice break from that and we get to know you a little better. It’s interesting to see how other people around the world live their lives, nice snapshots, give us more!

    1. Abbi

      I like sharing a bit about myself because I like getting to know other bloggers too. Tomorrow is day 30 so the next 10 are coming!

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