My Top 10 TV Crushes

I don’t normally do anything TV related but the Top 1o Movie Crushes has now spawned Top 10 TV crushes, which are starting to do the rounds and I’m expecting to see posts from Table 9 Mutant, Samantha at Sci-Fi Drama Queen and Mikey at Screenkicker along with post that Zoë has already done over at The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger. I didn’t want to be left out… so these are mine. Apparently I mostly like angry sociopaths…

Tate!Tate Langdon in American Horror Story: Haunted House
Played by: Evan Peters
Typical or atypical crush: Well Zoë fancies him too so probably a little typical
What makes him hot?: He’s so incredibly intense and dark
“Tate Langdon: What do you want?
Violet Harmon: What I wanted was you.
Tate Langdon: You told me to go away.
Violet Harmon: Yeah, but I never said goodbye.!”

SpikeSpike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Played by: James Marsters
Typical or atypical crush: Atypical
What makes him hot?: His wit and the black nailpolish
“Spike: I love you.
Buffy: Oh, my god.
Spike: Hey, no, look at me. I… love you. You’re all I bloody think about. Dream about. You’re in my gut… my throat… I’m drowning in you, Summers, I’m drowning in you.”

Spencer-Reid-criminal-minds-35844585-1024-768 Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds
Played by: Matthew Grey Gubler
Typical or atypical: Well he’s really geeky so maybe atypical
What makes him hot?: He’s so smart and he clearly needs someone to make him a sandwich
“Dr. Spencer Reid: Do you think it’s weird that I knew that ballad?
Elle Greenaway: Reid, I don’t know how you know half the stuff you know, but I’m glad you do.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Do you think that’s why I can’t get a date?
Elle Greenaway: Have you ever asked anyone?
[Reid shifts his eyes]
Elle Greenaway: That’s why you can’t get a date.

SNN0413BC2---620_1560256aSherlock Holmes in Sherlock
Played by: Benedict Cumberbatch
Typical or atypical crush: Should be atypical but everyone fancies the Cumberbandit
What makes him hot?: The smart and the hair and the voice
“Dr. John Watson: [Sherlock is wrapped in his sheets] Are you wearing any pants?
Sherlock Holmes: No.
Dr. John Watson: [they look at each other, then giggle] At Buckingham Palace!

largeLuke in Skins
Played by: Joe Cole
Typical or atypical crush: Luke is a minor minor character who only really appears in one full episode and he’s properly evil so I’m going to go atypical
What makes him hot?: He’s really hardcore and dangerous and he has this epic confidence. He reminds be of several wrong boys I fell in love with when I was young and stupid.
“Luke: You make my brain cum, my heart jump, and my prick hard.”

hydeSteven Hyde in That 70’s Show
Played by: Danny Masterson
Typical or atypical crush: Atypical
What makes him hot: His self-deprecating wit and he has that bad boy slacker thing going on
“Steven Hyde: Eric, I’ve been thinking about your problem with Donna. After hours of careful consideration, it still makes me laugh.

game of thrones - season 2 - jon snowJon Snow in Game of Thrones
Played by: Kit Harington
Typical or atypical crush: Typical
What makes him hot?: He’s all intense and brooding and you know he’s made a vow of celibacy so forbidden fruit and all that
“Jon Snow: Ygritte, you won’t win. I know your people are brave, no one denies that.
Ygritte: You know nothing, Jon…
Jon Snow: Six times in last thousand years a King Beyond the Wall has attacked the Kingdoms. Six times they failed.
Ygritte: And how do you know that?
Jon Snow: Every boy in the North knows it. We grow up learning it. Where the battles were fought. The names of the heroes. Who died where. Six times you’ve invaded and six times you’ve failed. The seventh will be the same.
Ygritte: Mance is different.
Jon Snow: You don’t have the discipline. You don’t have the training. You’re army is no army. You don’t know how to fight together.
Ygritte: You don’t know that.
Jon Snow: I do. I know it. If you attack the Wall, you’ll die. All of you.
Ygritte: All of us. You’re mine as I’m yours. If we die, we die. But first, we’ll live.
Jon Snow: Yes, first we’ll live.

david-tennant-doctor-who-431x300The Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who
Played by: David Tennant
Typical or atypical crush: Ten is definitely the obviously sexy one
What makes him hot?: Ten is quite crazy and silly but he’s also capable of being seriously tough when needed and he has such a big heart
“The Doctor: …With Martha, like I said, it got… complicated. And that was all my fault. I just want a mate.
Donna: You just want to mate?!
The Doctor: I just want a mate!
Donna: You’re not mating with me, sunshine!
The Doctor: A mate! I want a mate!
Donna: Well, just as well, cos I’m not having any of that nonsense! You’re just a long streak of nothing!

ChristopherEccleston050311The Ninth Doctor in Doctor Who
Played by: Christopher Eccleston
Typical or atypical crush: Atypical. As the shortest running doctor Nine is often completely overshadowed by Ten
What makes him hot?: There are oceans of pain behind those eyes and he’s a bit of a rebel
“Rose: If you are an alien, how come you sound like you’re from the north?
The Doctor: Lots of planets have a north!

alexander skarsgard shirtless true bloodEric Northman in True Blood
Played by: Alexander Skarsgård
Typical or atypical crush: Obviously typical, look at him
What makes him hot: Apart from those redonkuolous Skandi cheekbones and the washboard stomach it’s also his power, strength and brutality and the revelation that there might actually be a gentle soul under all that rage
“Eric Northman: Perhaps I’ll grow on you
Sookie Stackhouse: I’d prefer cancer


  1. Ooooh awesome list! I just want to go home and watch Criminal Minds / American Horror now teehee!

    1. Abbi

      At the moment I am only watching Criminal Minds for Reed because the crimes have gotten pretty lame of late.

      1. I haven’t seen season 8 or what has come of season 9, I am rewatching them again cause I bought them all recently, I shall soon see what the problem is though I am sure! Elle finally got kicked off again (I am in season 2 again) – I almost danced!

        1. Abbi

          Oh god, she was dreadful!!

          1. I am not alone! Every time she came onto the screen I was prepared to dump my TV outside and be done with it. Then I remembered so soon then I would be free of her and then BAM! That whiney bitch was gone!

  2. Haven’t seen any of these shows. But I trust all characters are worthy of crush status.

    1. Abbi

      Not even one? Some of them are really good…

      1. Not even one. I’ve seen a few episodes of Criminal Minds, but not enough to judge that characters’ crush status. And I haven’t seen a minute of the rest.

        I spend so much time reading books and watching movies that I don’t really have time for TV.

  3. Totally get the Jon Snow. Sha-wing!

    1. Abbi

      Lol! If he was a US President, he’d be Baberaham Lincoln!

  4. My husband knows that if Alexander Skarsgård ever came knocking on my door, it would be bye-bye to him. Hah! Can’t a gal dream?

  5. This is a very unique list of people. HOLY SHIT SPIKE! I used to have the biggest crush on Buffy when I was four. Legit told my family that I would marry her one day, and was worried that she would not like me because I was so much younger. Happy to see a Buffy the Vampire Slayer alumni on the list.

    1. Abbi

      I LOVE Buffy! I watched it when I was a teenager and then my flatmate and I used to do epic weekend-long marathons. Your story is so adorable!

  6. What a nice post to read this morning! Love Sherlock, Benedict sigh. At first I didn’t think he was cute, but now I see it, there is just something about that boy. Also love me some Jon Snow and Eric Northman… mmmm hmmmmm 🙂

    1. Abbi

      Glad I managed to put a smile on your face 🙂 At first I wasn’t sure about Benedict Cumberbatch either but he really does have something about him that just… sigh… I think the voice has so much to do with it.

      1. Yes its the voice, you live in London right? I would prob fall in love with someone daily just for that. 🙂

        Also something about his eyes? Like he’s thinking something really smart. LOL.

        1. Abbi

          I do live in London. Some of the accents are fabulous. My husband is British and it definitely had something to do with it!

          1. You were like sure, fine I will marry you just for that accent!

  7. I had to save this post in my e-mail box to remember to come back and comment. 😀

    I always forget Evan Peters’s part in AHS. Then again, I stopped watching when the second season had so bad start. But he is hot. Too gloomy for my taste though.

    I love Spike! And as far as I know, so do many others, maybe he isn’t that atypical after all? I’m gonna go to sing-a-long screening of “Once More with a Feeling” episode of Buffy tomorrow. Can’t wait!

    All in all, very nice list. Except Jon Snow, he’s such a whiner. I’d pick Jaime Lannister, the one in season three, not the one before that. 😛

    1. Abbi

      Glad you enjoyed it. I think Spike did get a fair bit of love in the end. He’s the quintessential bad guy with a sensitive side.

      No ragging on Jon Snow though! He’s had a tough life. He just needs a hug!

  8. LOVE it. Excellent list! Tennant, Cumberbatch, Skarsgard, Evans, Gubler…YEP. 🙂

    1. Abbi

      So many hotties on our screens… it’s hard to concentrate on the storylines!

  9. Haha! More crush lists!!! : ) When this was mentioned on Twitter I was thinking I couldn’t do it as I watch very little TV. All I’ve watched of these is Doctor Who, That 70s Show & I’ve JUST made a start on Sherlock. But then I realised I watched a ton of TV as a kid so have made a start on my list. ; ) Expect a link to this sometime next week & expect another very “80s” list from me! I can say I agree with David Tennant – I loved him as Doctor Who & thought he was adorable. Hyde was pretty cool in That 70’s Show too. : )

    1. Abbi

      I am looking forward to your list. I think my watching habits are about 50/50 although I’ve rarely felt the need to write about TV. I’m not sure why that is though.

  10. […] done HERS too! Then on Twitter there was talk of doing TV crushes! SCI-FI DRAMA QUEEN, ZOE & ABBI have done their lists. I was finally going to give up as I stick to mainly movies and have watched […]

  11. I looove this list! So many great ones on there =)

    1. Abbi

      Thank-you! I had a lot of fun looking for the pictures!

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