Throwback Thursday #16: You should be dancing

In my uni days an enormous amount my friends and I were big clubbers. Every weekend saw us tearing up the Johannesburg night life and for some of us a fair number of weeknights too. Our favourite clubs were Roxys, Bourbon Street, Nightshift, Night Fever, Bump at 7tease. I am sure everyone my age who grew up in Johannesburg remembers them.Here I am with my friend, Donna once again clearly dropping it like it’s hot. Why I am wearing purple snakeskin though is anyone’s guess. I am probably about 20.



  1. I am 21, and this is what everyone still does every single weekend. Due to having a girlfriend, going out to a club with all my single friends isn’t very much fun anymore, so I hardly do it! Anyways, was just going to say the clubs you mentioned are named much cooler than the ones in Toronto.

    1. Abbi

      I was still doing that every weekend until I was about 28. But when I met my husband I definitely lost interest. It’s much more fun as a couple to do more quiet activities.

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