Film Friday #159

My Best Friend’s Girl

Dustin (Jason Biggs) is really into Alexis (Kate Hudson) but she really sees him more as a friend. So he convinces his friend, Tank (Dane Cook), who has a sideline in taking women on terrible dates to push them back to their exes, to take her out in the hope that she’ll realise what a good guy he is. Unsurprisingly Tank falls for Alexis and the two start shagging each other behind Dustin’s back. But Tank has no idea how to deal with falling in love, Alexis doesn’t know what she wants and sooner or later Dustin is surely going to find out… and then there’s also the fact that Alexis’ future brother-in-law is one of Tank’s former clients. There is an attempt made to explain why Tank is the way he is by introducing his womanising father (Alec Baldwin) but the overall feeling is shallow, misogynistic and really quite pathetic. It’s not funny or romantic and I kept wanting to scream, “run for the hills” at Alexis every time Dustin or Tank came anywhere near her… not to mention the sudden and final resolution that felt really rushed. Poor. 0/5


Alexis and Ami made sure to love up to the male stereotype of slumber party by getting pissed in their underwear and getting out the dildo box


After the death of the woman he loved, a Mexican guitar player known as El Mariachi (Antonio Banderas) seeks to ruin the life of Bucho (Joaquim de Almeida), the drug lord who caused her death. Things don’t go quite according to plan and when El Mariachi is injured, he turns to local bookstore owner, Carolina (Salma Hayek) for help giving him a new chance for love… but not if Bucho gets to him first. This is one of Robert Rodriguez’s most distinctive and exciting films. It’s packed with over the top action, blistering dialogue and smouldering sensuality from Banderas and Hayek. It’s an enormous amount of fun and features a couple of great supporting performances from Steve Buscemi and Quentin Tarantino. And who doesn’t want to see someone firing an RPG from a guitar case. 4/5

El Mariachi loved the smell of fresh gun in the morning

El Mariachi loved the smell of fresh gun in the morning

The Cable Guy

Steven’s (Matthew Broderick) girlfriend, Robin (Leslie Mann) turns down his marriage proposal and tells him she needs space, leading him to move out into a new place, where he needs to get cable installed. Despite Steven’s recluctance, his best friend (Jack Black) convinces him to bribe the cable guy (Jim Carrey) into giving him an illegal hook-up for extra channels. The cable guy takes this as a signal that Steven wants to start up a friendship and because he’s too nice to say no, Steven finds himself spending a day with him. Soon the cable guy has wormed himself into every aspect of Steven’s life, slowly destroying one thing at a time. It appears that critics tore this apart when it came out but for me it’s one of Carrey’s best roles. He’s at his best playing unhinged and the cable guy is both a terrifying and very sympathetic character. The script isn’t great and Broderick is a bit lame but I’ve seen this loads of times and I always find it funny. Worth watching just for the scene where the cable guy sings Somebody to Love. 3/5

There's nothing more erotic than a plain white wall

There’s nothing more erotic than a plain white wall

True Colors

Two guys from different sides of the tracks meet at law school and become best friends. Peter Burton (John Cusack) comes from humble beginnings but has a fiery ambition that will stop at almost nothing, while rich boy Tim Gerrity (James Spader) has a strong social conscience and the kind of idealism that only someone who has never wanted for anything can maintain. As they begin their careers, Peter first nicks Tim’s well-connected girlfriend (Imogen Stubbs, doing an embarrassingly bad American accent) and then gets involved with corrupt property developer, John Palmeri (Mandy Patinkin) before letting Tim take the fall for one of his mistakes. Twat. Not willing to take this lying down, Tim agrees to work on Peter’s campaign to be elected to Congress while secretly monitoring his interactions with Palmeri on behalf of the Justice Department. While on the surface this is a political drama, essentially it’s a story about friendship and how ambition can tear people apart. Unfortunately it’s not particularly dramatic, which just makes it a bit tedious. Cusack turns in quite a powerful performance, especially considering how he phones it in these days but this totally forgettable and probably not worth the time. 2/5

Kiss me, Hardy!

Film Friday #159 Kiss me, Hardy!



  1. I think it’s the first Film Friday where I’ve seen none of the films. I may check out Desperado and The Cable Guy, eventually.

    1. Abbi

      Desperado is really good. It’s got all the hallmarks of Robert Rodriguez. And I never get bored with Cable Guy, even though it’s a bit silly.

      1. Not sure if all “the hallmarks of Robert Rodriguez” is good or bad, haha; he’s a pretty inconsistent director. I might check out Cable Guy to see where I stand in the “terrible or genius” debate.

  2. I haven’t seen any of these films either, so a great post for finding more films for LoveFilm! πŸ˜€

    1. Abbi

      I hope you get to check them out. I probably wouldn’t bother with My Best Friend’s Girl though.

      1. Haha, I won’t now!

  3. Screw My Best Friend’s Girl! (That didn’t sound right). I’ll skip that one. It’s been SO long since I’ve seen The Cable Guy – I should watch it again. Not seen True Colors – you mean John Cusack isn’t a sweetie pie in it???

    1. Abbi

      My Best Friend’s Girl is definitely not worth it. You see I watch all these terrible films to save you having to πŸ˜› John Cusack is really a bit of a dick in True Colours, which quite suits him. Maybe he missed a trick in his career.

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