Outfit of the week #22

I wore today’s outfit out for brunch while I was off for my birthday last week. It’s one of the more casual things I have put together, but if you ignore the fact that my jeans are probably more than a little bit too big for me, it’s still pretty cool. I am a big fan of grey. It’s gentler than black and just as versatile. Of course you never want to overwhelm yourself with one colour, which is why I’ve broken up my outfit with this paisley scarf. This jumper is also extra special because it has awesome silver sequin elbow patches.

In this outfit I am wearing blue (formerly skinny) jeans from Next, a grey jumper with white star pattern, also from Next, a pair of grey and white hi-top Nike Blazers and a burgundy paisley scarf brought for me as a gift from India.

IMG_20131107_175720 IMG-20131107-WA0018 IMG-20131107-WA0019 IMG-20131107-WA0022 IMG-20131107-WA0023 IMG-20131107-WA0024


  1. I am such a ‘star’ lover so of course I love your star sweater!

    1. Abbi

      Thanks! It’s such a classic pattern.

  2. Love those elbows! 🙂

    1. Abbi

      Thanks! I think they really add something to a relatively simple jumper.

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