Film Friday #153: Halloween special

Since it’s Halloween next week, I figured a themed Film Friday might be in order. I am not normally a fan of the horror genre, mostly because I am a giant wuss and I get freaked out really easily but because I take this blog very seriously, I have bitten the bullet and watched four actual horror movies… well two of them are horror comedies, but they still count, right?


On a small island off Ireland, where nothing ever happens, there’s not much police work to be done. So when, plucky Garda Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley) arrives, heavy drinking local Garda Ciarán O’Shea (Richard Coyle) is none too pleased. At the same time weird creatures appear to be attacking the townsfolk, forcing the two Gardas to work together. With the help of a straitlaced English biologist (Russell Tovey) they figure out that the creatures don’t like the blood of drunk people meaning that they’ll have to get the whole town wasted until the authorities arrive, but fighting off giant tentacled monsters is not as easy as it looks when you’ve had a skin full.  This film is in equal parts ridiculous and hilarious and overall rather a lot of fun but really not very scary at all. 2.5/5


So what you’re saying is that we all need to get really pissed? What’s the catch?

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

After spending all their money on a deserted cabin in the woods hillbillies, Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) are excited to spend the weekend there doing it up. What they didn’t bank on was that a group of college kids would be camping in the same woods on the same weekend. When Allison (Katrina Boden), one of the college hotties, falls into the lake while the two best friends are fishing, they come to her rescue but the college kids immediately get the wrong idea and mount a rescue. As more and more misunderstandings occur, the college kids begin to die in gruesome ways leaving the two friends with no choice but to defend themselves. This clever twist on the murderous hillbilly trope is really funny and Tucker and Dale are so endearing that you can’t help but love them. Also loads of fun but not at all scary. 3/5

There's something stuck in the wood chipper

There’s something stuck in the wood chipper

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

This iconic zombie flick thrusts us straight into the action with the plague already underway. Two soldiers (David Emge and Ken Foree), a pilot (Scott H. Reiniger) and his girlfriend (Gaylen Ross) manage to escape in a helicopter and take shelter in an abandoned shopping mall. Here they secure the surroundings and build a sort of a life for themselves attempting to fight off the creeping boredom and claustrophobia. But they’re not the only ones who want access to all the supplies that the mall contains and soon they have more to contend with than just the ever-present threat of zombie attack. Dawn of the Dead is less about zombies and more about what happens to people in isolation. It also manages to be remarkably clever for a zombie film. A classic. 3.5/5

I'm feeling a bit blue today

I’m feeling a bit blue today

Drag Me to Hell

Christine (Alison Lohman) is a loan officer struggling to get a promotion because she finds it tough to say no. When her boss challenges her she decides to deny a gypsy woman (Lorna Raver) an extension on her mortgage, the woman attacks and then curses her. Christine then has her fortune told and a spiritualist (Dileep Rao) tells her that in three days an evil spirit called the Lamia (or Llama or Labia or something) will drag her soul to hell for eternity. Now Alison must find a way to escape the curse before it’s too late as more and more weird things start to happen around her. There are a few good jumps in this and although it has moments of silliness, it’s relatively watchable and Christine is a heroine you can root for… and I have learned never to cross a gypsy. 2.5/5




  1. theipc

    HAHAHA I Loved Grabbers and Tucker and dale is HILARIOUS!!

    1. Abbi

      Both really did make me giggle!

  2. Victor De Leon

    Grabbers was EPIC! And Drag Me To Hell was creepy as hell despite some of it’s hokiness. These are great picks. Good job!

    1. Abbi

      Thanks, Victor! The first half of Drag Me to Hell was really freaky. When the old woman is fighting her in the car… that scared the crap out of me! Lol!

  3. Seen all four! Yes! 🙂 Okay – Dawn of the Dead is an all-time favorite film of mine, not just “horror favorite”. 5/5 for sure from me! 😉 I JUST watched Grabbers and will review it soon. I really enjoyed it and I loved Tucker & Dale. Drag Me To Hell was okay but not my thing as much. I watched it because I’ve liked Alison Lohman since White Oleander.

    1. Abbi

      Dawn of the Dead is also one of my husband’s favourites. It’s a really clever film, which is quite rare for horror. I did have a good laugh with Grabbers and Tucker & Dale. They’re so endearing.

  4. Great picks! I LOVE DMTH! So creepy and hilarious. One of my favorite horrors.

    1. Abbi

      Thanks! The gypsy lady is super creepy!

      1. And really disgusting at times!

        1. Abbi

          Yeah, where she’s gumming her face. *Vom*

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