Outfit of the week #19

This week’s outfit is something I’ve decided to call cowboy casual. I’ve paired up a vintage, pleated denim shirt, bought at one of the million op-shops in Brighton, with a black and white striped vest from H&M, the magic black leggings from Next (everyone went mad for these the last time I posted an outfit with them, so if you are looking for an epic pair of leggings, you can buy them here) and a pair of knee-high chocolate leather boots. These boots are extra special because they have a little bit of brogue detailing on the toe, which I just love. And finally, just to make sure it doesn’t get too casual I’ve put on a touch of red lipstick… which seems to be becoming a bit of a signature on this blog.

20131016_080411 20131016_080505 IMG_20131017_223127 IMG_20131017_223506 IMG_20131017_223552


  1. I wore chambray and black and boots yesterday! Great minds must think alike! I love those boots though, the wingtip details are so lovely.

    1. Abbi

      Thank-you! I saw them and I had to have them!

  2. Nice! I’d totally wear this. I especially love the boots. 🙂 Hey! Cleavage shot!

    1. Abbi

      Yay! My cleavage has a mind of its own. Forever trying to steal the shot!

  3. Great outfit! Those leggings look great, thanks for the link. I love those boots too! I haven’t dug my knee boots out yet. I’m in denial that it’s time for my trusty ballet pumps to hibernate until spring 😦

    1. Abbi

      Funnily enough that was the only day I wore the knee-high boots and then it warmed up. So I am back in my trainers and ankle boots.

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