Film Friday #149


This biopic plays out the bitter rivalry between Formula One drivers, James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Nikki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) and the effect this had on the intensity, popularity and even the safety of the sport. While Hunt is a charismatic reckless playboy, Lauda rubs everyone up the wrong way with his brutal honesty, ruthless focus and apparent lack of passion. Eventually this explosive pairing will have devastating consequences that will test what both drivers, but especially Lauda, are made of. I’m not a massive Grand Prix fan and when it was on telly every single Sunday all day when I was growing up, I can’t say I spent much time watching it… but then I watched Senna a couple of years ago and became fascinated with the behind the scenes action and safety concerns that seem to ultimately shape the sport. Although Rush is not a documentary it brings a similar level of excitement and both leads are outstanding playing these two massive characters (As an aside I feel I must mention that I have never seen the appeal of Chris Hemsworth in his hulking Thor “styling” but slimmed down to play Hunt, you could do a lot worse than being forced to sit through his multiple nude scenes). Add to this some blistering low aspect shots of the race action from the side of the track and some first person shots of the track and you’ve got something you can’t tear your eyes from. Highly recommended. 4/5

Why have you got your shirt on?

Why have you got your shirt on?


While investigating a washed up boat, fourteen year old best friends, Ellis (Tye Sheridan) and Neckbone (Jacob Lofland) encounter a fugitive calling himself Mud (Matthew McConaughey). Mud tells them he is in trouble after killing a man, while protecting his girlfriend, Juniper (Reece Witherspoon). Romantic, Ellis immediately wants to help and eventually Neckbone is convinced to come along for the ride. Soon the boys are in way over their heads and it becomes apparent that not everything is as it seems. At the same time Ellis wrestles with the possibility of his family unit disintegrating and potentially losing his home and his whole way of life. This coming of age tale is well-acted and the story is gripping but it feels somewhat unoriginal and more than a little derivative of Stand By Me. 3/5

Oh no! I forgot my shirt!

Oh no! I forgot my shirt!


Seeing the opportunity to make enough money to save herself from being evicted, checkout girl, Ronna (Sarah Polley) agrees to sell a couple of soap stars (Jay Mohr and Scott Wolf) a large quantity of ecstasy, necessitating her leaving her best friend, Claire (Katie Holmes) with dealer, Todd (Timothy Olyphant) as collateral. At the same time, Simon (Desmond Askew) their colleague who usually does the drug deals has gone off to Vegas with his friends and manages to get himself into serious trouble. The happenings of night unfold from three different perspectives, before coming to one intense conclusion. I loved this film when it came out in 1999 (when I was eighteen) but watching it now some of it seems a little silly, possibly because fourteen years on none of it is as shocking as it would have been in the 90’s. It’s still a fun watch though. 3/5

Merry fucking Xmas

Merry fucking Xmas


Childhood friends, Coop (Trey Parker) and Remer (Matt Stone) attempt to shake off their loser status by inventing a hybrid sport called Baseketball. The sport soon takes off with both the inventors and their backer, Mr Denslow (Ernest Borgnine) adamant that they won’t change anything to prevent the sport going the same commercialised way as other major league sports. But when Denslow dies, leaving the team to Coop, the lure of money beckons and soon the friends are at each other’s throats. Throw in a hot director of a children’s charity (Yasmine Bleeth) and a ruthless fellow team owner (Robert Vaughn) and things become explosive. This outrageous comedy comes from the creators of South Park  and it is lewd, crude, shocking as you’d expect. It’s also very funny and very clever with an underlying message. It won’t be for everyone but you definitely won’t forget it. 3/5

Welcome to Pakistan

Welcome to Pakistan


  1. Been hearing a lot of good things about Rush, I think I’ll have to see it now.

    1. Abbi

      I really enjoyed it. I would highly, highly recommend it!

  2. theipc

    I loved GO back when it came out and was thinking of giving it another watch soon. Sounds like I might get disappointed??

    You’re trying to sell us AMWAY???

    1. Abbi

      Federated Products! It’s a whole different company!

      SPOILER ALERT It’s still a lot of fun but the idea that the soap stars are secretly gay is hardly any kind of reveal now and the drug-use and partying that would have raised an eyebrow in ’99 look like a particularly uneventful episode of Skins. Without the shock value it’s a little flat.

      1. theipc


  3. Totally agree on Rush. And Hemsworth’s hotness. I too prefer him a bit “smaller” – Thor is a bit much! He’s PERFECT in Rush. Drooooool. Even get all dreamy looking at those eyes & I don’t normally go for blue! Or blondes! He’s so perfect it’s hard to look directly at him. Not seen Mud – actually sounds disappointing by your review but I do love Stand By Me! I barely remember Go & can’t believe I’ve never seen BASEketball as I think those two are brilliant when at their best (which they’re not always…)

    1. Abbi

      He’s not my normal type either but he really smoulders in Rush. I’ve never been one for massive guys. Mud is good but not great. BASEketball is hilarious and utterly ridiculous…

  4. Cool picks. Really want to see Rush and Mud.

    1. Abbi

      Rush is a must see!

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