Film Friday #142

Hard Candy

A young girl (Ellen Page) suspects that the older photographer (Patrick Wilson) she has been chatting to online is a paedophile, so she tricks him into a meeting, drugs and tortures him with a particular result in mind. This really is an odd film, while Wilson’s character is clearly dodgy, Page’s character is unquestionably a sociopath making it hard to sympathise with either character. It’s all very weird and creepy and uncomfortable to watch, which I think was the point. It does a good job of building suspense and the cat and mouse game between the two leads is quite intense, particularly one eye-watering scene (if you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about). Maybe watch for the sake of the controversy?  2/5

Little Red sulking in the hood

Little Red sulking in the hood

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

On the night they find out that there is a meteor on an unstoppable collision course with earth, Dodge’s (Steve Carrell) wife disappears into the night leaving him to face the imminent end of the world alone. Everyone around him starts to abandon all sense of societal rules but Dodge finds himself disillusioned and lost, until a chance meeting with his quirky British neighbour, Penny (Keira Knightley). With an abandoned dog in tow, Dodge and Penny set off an a cross country journey to find his childhood sweetheart as well as a mysterious friend of Dodge’s who has a plane and might be able to get Penny home to see her family in England. As they make their way to their destination they encounter all manner of interesting people and situations and start to realise that they might be becoming more than just friends. My husband and I had very different reactions to this film. He thought it was rather sweet. I mostly just wanted to punch Keira Knightley in the face. I also found the pairing of Carrell and Knightley to be devoid of any chemistry. It wasn’t for me but I am inclined to cynicism so check it out if you’re a bit romantical. 2.5/5

You're right, the idea of me winning an Oscar is preposterous

You’re right, the idea of me winning an Oscar is preposterous

Little White Lies

When Ludo (Jean Dujardin) is left in a critical condition after a scooter accident his friends decide to go on holiday to their beachside cottage anyway. The group includes Ludo’s free-spirited ex, Marie (Marion Cotilliard), Vincent (Benoît Magimel AKA French Nathan Fillion) who has just awkwardly declared his love for his best friend Max (François Cluzet AKA French Dustin Hoffman), commitment-phobic actor, Éric (Gilles Lellouche), serial texter Antoine (Laurent Lafitte) and their respective partners and children. This is one of those films where there isn’t really much of a storyline per say. It’s more about the interaction between the characters and what they discover about themselves and each other… and the lies they tell themselves and each other. It is in some ways very indulgent and there is an element of #firstworldproblems to it but I thought it was well-acted, engrossing and very touching. 3.5/5

My favourite food is wine

My favourite food is wine

Starship Troopers

Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien) decides to follow his girlfriend, Carmen Ibanez (Denise Richards) into the military to fight against a race of alien bugs attempting to invade the earth. While Carmen soon rises through the ranks as a pilot, Johnny finds himself on the rather rougher end of the infantry with his old school friend, Dizzy (Dina Meyer). When their home city of Buenos Aires is destroyed in an alien attack all three become involved in a brutal mission to destroy the bugs’ home world but what is waiting for them is far worse than anything they can have imagined. The dialogue of this sci-fi epic is horrendous, the acting is embarrassing and the storyline is preposterous but somehow it is still kind of awesome and definitely a lot of fun… just about enough to overcome its massive bug infested faults. 3/5

He's behind you!

He’s behind you!


  1. I’ve been so hesitant in seeing Hard Candy, a little too creepy for me. Seeking a Friend was pretty disappointing but I really enjoyed Starship Troopers though, back in the day that was the ‘it’ film. Despite the acting as you mentioned. Nice work!

    1. Abbi

      Thanks! I’m not sure you’re really going to miss out on Hard Candy. It’s kind of a good idea but the execution isn’t great.

      I know a lot of people who love Starship Troopers. I think the enjoyment comes from the fact that it doesn’t pretend to be anything that its not.

  2. I kind of didn’t mind Hard Candy. It certainly was interesting, I guess. I kind of want to see Seeking A Friend but feel the same way about that skinny Keira Knightley as you seem to. Don’t know about Little White Lies but, man, I hate Starship Troopers. Not sure why! Only saw it once years ago & barely remember it. Just remember hating it at the time.

    1. Abbi

      Starship Troopers is the kind of thing I normally would hate but for some reason it was so much fun that outstripped how dreadful most of it was.

      Steve Carrell is great in Seeking A Friend but I really think Keira Knightley’s character needed to be played by someone cool and quirky with a lot of warm and she just always comes across as a cold B. I think someone like Jessica Hynes would have been great. There was no need for the character to be so young.

      1. Hmm… Had to look her up. Don’t really know her that well! But Keira Knightley gets on my nerves too much. There’s something weird about her mouth when she talks.

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