Outfit of the week #6

There is no way I can deny that the 80’s is one of my favourite eras of fashion and whenever I put on this particular jumpsuit, I feel like I have gone back in time. It’s rare you’ll catch me wearing black because I find it a bit boring but in this particular case, it just kind of works.

Today I am wearing a black jumpsuit from Next with a tan woven Moroccan Leather belt (purchased from TK Maxx), a blue, black and gold choker from River Island and pointy black suede pumps from Topshop.



  1. Excellent! You have great fashion sense. 🙂 I have… None. Unless daily jeans, t-shirt & Converse counts?!

  2. Abbi

    Aww thank-you! I have loads of days where I just wear jeans and a t-shirt. Living with Mr Osbiston has made me much more fashion conscious though. He dresses for EVERY occasion – even going to the supermarket. I think as long as you are consciously thinking about what you wear and choosing things that you like then you have a personal style and you should be proud of it, no matter what it is!

  3. This is such a great look! I could never carry it off! I think I possibly love this the best out of all your outfit photos so far!

    1. Abbi

      That jumpsuit is one of the most versatile things I’ve ever bought. I guess the height helps with something like that. That’s spurred me on to look for another one to add to the collection!

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