Film Friday #121

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

In the latest remade fairy tale, Hansel (Jeremy Renner) and Gretel (Gemma Arterton) become professional witch hunters after being mysteriously dumped in the forest by their parents and subsequently escaping from a witch. After a series of children disappear from a village, the mayor hires H & G, who soon discover that the witch behind the kidnappings (Famke Janssen) intends to unleash some serious evil.  This film suffers several inconsistencies, including a vast array of accents (none of them German), bad 3D, some inexplicably modern weapons and a final fight seen that resembles a low budget heavy metal video.  However, if you’re looking for something that will require zero brain power and might feature Jeremy Renner topless, you’ll probably quite enjoy this. It’s moderately funny, gratuitously gory, not overly long… and did I mention Jeremy Renner? 2.5/5

"Have you noticed that I'm topless?"

“Hey baby, have you noticed that I’m topless?”

Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Childlike slacker, Jeff (Jason Segal) still lives in his mother’s (Susan Sarandon) basement and believes that the universe is sending him signs. When his mom sends him out to buy wood glue, Jeff can’t resist following these so called signs. At the same time his brother, Pat (Ed Helms) is trying to make sense of his relationship and the possibility that his wife, Linda (Judy Greer) might be cheating on him. When these two brothers, both in a state of arrested development, team up to try and track catch Linda in the act, they find themselves on an adventure that might just give them some purpose. This is a sweet, quirky comedy with a good performance from Segal. 3/5

I know we used to bath together when we were kids but this is ridiculous!

I know we used to bath together when we were kids but this is ridiculous!

Body of Lies

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Roger Ferris, a CIA agent on the ground in Jordan trying to hunt down terrorist leader, Al-Saleem (Alon Aboutboul). Caught between a boss (Russell Crowe), who is playing the conflict like a video game and the paranoid Jordanian secret service, Ferris comes up with a cunning plot to flush out Al-Saleem. Unsure of who he can trust, Ferris soon becomes sucked into his own plot with dangerous consequences. This is a tense and brutal thriller with a stellar cast. It manages to avoid turning into pro-American propaganda while putting a very human face on the Middle East conflict. I’m not normally one for political intrigue but I rather enjoyed this. Leo once again proves why he’s top Hollywood property. 3.5/5

Stop! Hammer time!

Stop! Hammer time!

Everything Must Go

On the day he loses his job, alcoholic, Nick Halsey (Will Ferrell) finds the locks of his house changed, his wife refusing to take his calls and all his possessions on the front lawn. Unable to deal with his circumstances, Nick decides he might as well live on the lawn while selling off his things in a yard sale. As he sheds his worldly goods and makes friends with his neighbours, Nick starts to explore rather than drown his feelings. I was surprised initially to see Will Ferrell in a drama but he proves his worth as a character actor and this is a touching and non-judgemental look into addiction. Worth a watch. 3/5

Like a boss!

Like a boss!

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