Film Friday #120

Django Unchained

German bounty hunter,Dr King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) forcibly liberates a slave named Django (Jamie Foxx) in order to get his help in tracking down a trio of outlaw brothers. The two strike up an unlikely friendship and Schultz agrees to help Django rescue his wife (Kerry Washington) from a particularly ghastly plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio) using a complex ruse. It’s not long though before house servant, Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson) becomes suspicious putting everyone at risk. It seems no matter what era or subject matter Quentin Tarantino chooses there are three things you can be sure of – violence, revenge and a cameo from himself (although why he decided on an Australian accent is anyone’s guess) and in this respect Django does not disappoint. I’d love to pick holes in some of the logic in this film but I was entertained, amused, revolted and still fascinated after almost three hours, so I have to admit that I kind of loved it. Waltz, is as always, fabulous and DiCaprio is clearly having a whale of a time playing a total douchebag, but the standout performance has to be from Jackson. A great watch. 4/5

If you laugh at my cravat one more time I will blow your fucking head off

If you laugh at my cravat one more time I will blow your fucking head off

Super Size Me

In this documentary Morgan Spurlock spends 30 days eating nothing but McDonalds in order to see what effect this will have on his health – interspersed with facts and research about the fast food industry and about the worldwide obesity epidemic. This is a fascinating look at food, as well as being an easily digestible (geddit) awareness raiser, whether you are able to forgive it for being somewhat unscientific or not. It definitely reinforced the revulsion I feel every time I walk past a McDonalds *shudder*. 3.5/5

Introducing the new vomit burger

Introducing the new vomit burger


After attempting unsuccessfully to steal a burrito to impress the hot daughter (Brooklyn Decker) of  an admiral (Liam Neeson), loser Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) is convinced by his more responsible brother, Stone (Alexander Skarsgard) to join the navy. Fast forward a few years and Alex is now a lieutenant attempting for convince Admiral Shane to let him marry burrito girl, even though he is still a bit of a loose cannon. Cue the arrival of a fleet of pissed off aliens trying to take over the world. This leaves just Alex and his crew, including a much smarter Japanese Captain, who should just have been put in charge, and Rihanna, to save the day. What follows is what feels like four days of LOUD NOISES, while burrito girl roams around a mountain with an injured war vet (Gregory D Gadson). Unfortunately the aliens do not win. If I had known that in the beginning I probably wouldn’t have gotten past the first five minutes. 1/5 (and only because Alexander Skarsgard is hot)

Yes, I am confused too. I have never worn this much clothing.

Yes, I am confused too. I have never worn this much clothing.

The Accused

After Sarah Tobias (Jodie Foster) is gang raped in a bar, prosecutor Kathryn Murphy (Kelly McGillis) decides to plead out the case as Sarah wouldn’t be considered a reliable witness. But when Sarah struggles to deal with the outcome and lands herself in trouble, Kathryn becomes wracked with guilt and decides to take the precedent setting step of prosecuting the men who cheered on Sarah’s attackers. Foster is outstanding as the feisty but fragile Sarah and this film raises a lot of still current issues around rape and how blame is perceived. It’s not the best made film in the world, but definitely worth a watch. 3/5

Look, it was the 80s, this hair was cool then!

Look, it was the 80s, this hair was cool then!

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