Film Friday #118

Warm Bodies

While on the hunt for brains, conflicted but barely cognizant zombie, R (Nicholas Hoult) eats colonel’s (John Malkovich) daughter, Julie’s (Teresa Palmer) boyfriend (Dave Franco) as they scavenge for supplies. As Julie sparks some last remaining seed of humanity in R, he decides to take her with him against her will to the airplane he calls home. As the two spend more time together, R becomes more and more human and soon they realise their friendship is having the same effect on all the zombies around them. But what will Julie do when she finds out that R was the one that ate her boyfriend and how will they convince the colonel that R is anything other than a threat? Right, so anyone who has had the misfortune of watching a movie with me will know that I hate plot holes, deviations from the stated rules of a mythology or anything convoluted or illogical and I’m not afraid to pick holes while we’re watching the film. I probably should have hated it, because you can’t really be half a zombie, can you? However, if you consider that this film is actually pitching zombism as a metaphor for loneliness and emotional disconnection, with the underlying theme of the restorative power of love, suddenly you can forgive all sorts of things. And when you add the fact that we genuinely laughed out loud, the soundtrack is blistering, the heroine is not annoying and Nicholas Hoult’s portrayal of a lost and almost mute soul is intensely touching… I’m struggling to find anything I didn’t like about Warm Bodies. The caveat though is that if you, like my husband, are a total zombie-purist you will hate every second of this. Do not watch it. Go and watch Night of The Living Dead again… but not the new one, Paul says that breaks the rules too… 5/5


R had seen his future and it wasn’t pretty

The Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists

In this utterly bonkers stop motion romp, a somewhat useless pirate captain (voiced by Hugh Grant) attempts to win the Pirate of The Year competition by allowing Charles Darwin (voiced by David Tennant) to present his pet dodo at a science exhibition. Little does he know that Queen Victoria (voiced by Imelda Staunton)  and her cronies, including Napoleon, intend to eat said dodo and various other rarities… or something. I struggled to keep track of this one it was so deranged. I think you might have had to be under the age of ten to get it or possibly on acid. I think it might have been written while on acid. Not for me. 2/5


There is nothing as beautiful as the love between a clay pirate and his dodo

The Accidental Husband

When decidedly unromantic radio host, Emma (Uma Thurman) advises a caller to rethink her upcoming marriage to fire fighter, Patrick (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Patrick gets his revenge by bribing a state official to change her marital status… to married to him in the hope that she will be forced to contact him so he can tell her off.  Perfectly logical (well not really, but this is a rom com). With her impending marriage to dull Richard (Colin Firth) in jeopardy, Emma tracks Patrick down and ends up spending rather a lot of time with him through a series of implausible mishaps. Wonder what happens next? Yawn! 2/5


What do you mean we haven’t filled in the blue form?


This biopic tells the story of Harvey Milk (Sean Penn), who became the first openly gay official to be elected in California. Following Harvey’s life –  from his fortieth birthday where he has a life changing meeting with, Scott (James Franco) who becomes his partner and the catalyst for his political activism – to his tragic assassination. Set in the late 70’s, this film is a reminder of how recently attitudes around homosexuality have changed. Sean Penn is fantastic as the flawed by inspirational Milk and it’s hard not to get sucked into his charismatic portrayal. An excellent study of a wonderful man. 4/5


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  1. I really, really want to see Warm Bodies.

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