Frightened Rabbit: The Highlands Film

Last week I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the pre-screening of the Frightened Rabbit, short film, The Highlands Film. For those of you who have missed out on the wonder that is Frightened Rabbit they are a Glasgow based band of the indie-folk variety, who originally hail from the town of Selkirk and I am outrageously in love with them. To put this into context, when I couldn’t get tickets for their only London show earlier this year, I experienced a level of disappointment close to that of being stood up by my date for the year ten dance…

Anyway, the band recently toured a series of small venues throughout the Highlands that would not normally be fortunate enough to have bands play in their town and made a documentary of their travels. There were two screenings, the London one taking place at The Prince Charles cinema, with frontman, Scott Hutchinson to do introductions followed by a solo acoustic set.

I think it would have been hard not to get swept up – firstly in the beauty of the Highlands – Scott suggested that the company that made the film probably should have been paid by the Scottish Tourist Board… I don’t think he’s wrong, since my first instinct was to investigate the possibility of a Highlands tour of my own – and secondly by Scott’s amazing skill for relaying anecdotes. I can imagine he is the most popular person in any pub he enters.

This started with the incredible story of the Great Appletini, a teenage online gambler they found in Ullapool, who successfully hypnotised guitarist, Andy Monghan, and continued into every subsequent song to the point where Scott would start a song and then have to stop because he had left out some kind of detail.

The acoustic set was broken up into Scott’s choice as well as suggestions shouted out by the audience, his choices being from the upcoming February release Pedestrian Verse . I don’t think anyone was happy when the venue called time but at least we all got to hear Poke, which is what I think everyone was gunning for.

You can watch the film here:

And if you’re not in love with them after that, well I worry about the state of your soul…

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