Film Friday #106

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

In the last Twilight film, Edward (Robert Pattinson) has turned Bella (Kristen Stewart) into a vampire after her near-death spawning their fast-aging, half human-half vamp baby, Renesmee (several actors), while Jacob (Taylor Lautner) has imprinted on said baby (creepy). Anyway, family friend Irina (Maggie Grace) spots Renesmee and reports Bella and Edward to the Volturi believing that she is an immortal child, bitten rather than born. With the Volturi on the rampage, the Cullen family must call together all their allies and stand together to prevent a war. I suppose it’s rather telling that Bella and Edward are the most boring characters in the film. I had way more fun watching them round up a motley crew of friends, including some ethereal Amazonians, two vicious Transylvanians and a former American Revolutionary (Lee Pace… phwoargh!) Unlike the book, which is disappointing in its lack of actual action, the film cleverly works in a battle without changing the ending and as the franchise goes, this is probably the best of the lot. Of course all of this is only applicable if you can get past the extremely disturbing CGI baby. I cannot understand why the use of an actual human baby wasn’t considered but the CGI baby is so creepy that there was a collective horrified intake of breath throughout the entire cinema when it appeared.  Nothing can prepare you for it… 3/5 (one full point of that just for Lee Pace…)

Running from the paparazzi requires focus and determination

The Sapphires

A drunken Irish musician called Dave (Chris O’Dowd) convinces four talented Aboriginal singers not only to switch folk for soul but also to try and make their fortune entertaining US troops in Vietnam. It starts out as a great adventure but it’s not long before Dave’s lackadaisical attitude genuinely puts his and the girls’ lives in perils.  With strong themes of racial politics, family politics, gender politics and a bit of love thrown in, this based on a true story drama is really heart-warming. The girls in the band are an absolute riot and the overall effect is quite charming. 3/5

“Okay, who farted?”

Valley Girl

“Punk”, Randy (Nicolas Cage) meets stuck-up “valley girl”, Julie (Deborah Foreman) at a party and they fall in love. But their different backgrounds and the disgust of Julie’s image-obsessed friends soon become a problem.  YAWN! I think this is supposed to be some kind of classic but even a few days later I can’t remember any of the details. Just go and watch Pretty In Pink instead. 1/5

“We’re the coolest people here, right?”

Tomorrow When the War Began

Eight teenagers go on a camping trip and return to discover that their country has been invaded by a faceless enemy, their homes empty and their families taken. Faced with the choice of fight or flight, the kids embark on a campaign of guerrilla warfare that will put themselves and their friendships to the test. I remember loving the classic Aussie teen novel this was based on but the middle of this film really lags and I found myself rooting for the characters to get blown up. Probably not a good sign. Maybe better if you’re actually a teenager. 2/5

“Okay, who farted?”

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