Film Friday #104

Kramer vs Kramer

An overworked advertising executive, Ted Kramer’s (Dustin Hoffman) wife, Joanna (Meryl Streep) walks out on him, leaving him to take care of their six year old son, Billy (Justin Henry). At first Ted finds balancing his career and looking after Billy almost impossible, but it’s not long before he realises just how fulfilling being a parent can be. When Joanna returns eighteen months later and wants full custody of Billy, the two become locked in a bitter custody battle. This is an intense and touching tale that looks at how the separation of a family affects not only the adults but also the children. Recommended. 3.5/5

Yes, yes Snow White blah, blah… when are we getting onto Harry Potter?

Like Crazy

A young British student (Felicity Jones) falls for a boy in her class (Anton Yelchin) not long before her studies are to come to an end. Rather than returning to the UK when her visa expires, she decides to stay the summer and finds herself banned from re-entering the USA. Desperate to be together, this film follows the couple as they make-up, break-up, get married, break-up again, date other people and do a lot of angsting. There is a lot to love about this film, it has a kind of “realness” to it that most Hollywood films eschew and although the couple are obviously desperately in love, the romance isn’t dressed up to the point of being saccharine. By the same token I found it hard to get over my rage at the idea that someone would make as irresponsible a decision as overstaying their visa. They’re the ones that fuck it up for the rest of us. But if you’re not an immigrant, this probably won’t affect your viewing.  3/5

You’ve been rolling in manure again, haven’t you?

Desperately Seeking Susan

A bored housewife (Rosanna Arquette) gets hit on the head, while impersonating a drifter named Susan (Madonna). When she wakes up she thinks she actually is Susan and takes on her life. In the meantime, Susan has accidentally stolen some very valuable earrings and is on the run from some rather unpleasant characters. This is a bit of a nothing film. I wasn’t touched or angry or surprised. I didn’t learn anything or feel anything. It was all just a bit… meh. There are much better 80’s movies out there and I get the feeling no one would even remember this one if Madonna wasn’tn in it. 2/5

And that my friends, is the smell of success!


During WWII, cynical American Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) runs the hottest club in Casablanca.  With exit papers rare the club is packed with Europeans, who have escaped German occupation with the hope of escaping to the USA. When Rick’s ex, Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) arrives with her husband (Victor Laszlo), Rick is forced to relive the past and make a challenging decision about how to use the two exit papers he’s gotten his hands on. This is an absolute classic and if you haven’t seen it you probably won’t notice that you’ve been quoting it. It’s packed with romance and drama and surprising moments and I don’t think you can call yourself a movie buff without having seen it. So go out… and see it. 4/5

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