Film Friday #102

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Introverted freshman, Charlie (Logan Lehrman) is forced to face high school alone after the suicide of his best friend but when he meets seniors, Patrick (Ezra Miller) and Sam (Emma Watson), they introduce him to an exciting alternative world. This is a touching look into the challenges of being a teenager when you just don’t fit in, as well as the reality of mental illness. I had mixed feelings about this one. In some ways it’s lovely and Miller’s Patrick is simply wonderful but there’s no escaping the fact that Lehrman is too old to be playing fifteen and Watson can’t resist overacting. Also having recently read and adored the novel this is based on, I felt like some of the more poignant bits were skimmed over or left out and like with the novel, the ending still jars somewhat. However, as teen movies go, this is well above average and will definitely make you feel more than a little nostalgic. 3/5

I’m the queen of the… err… MOTORWAY!


After discovering that no one wants to work with him because he’s considered “difficult”, aspiring actor, Michael Dorsey (Dustin Hoffman), reinvents himself as a woman named, Dorothy Michaels and lands a slot in a top soap. Soon Dorothy is the darling of the soap world and Michael begins to lose himself in his alter ego. Predictably, Michael falls for his co-star, Julie (Jessica Lange) and must extricate himself from several tricky gender-bending situations while he decides whether being successful or being himself is more important. This is a charming comedy, carried by its excellent leads and the fact that it actually delves into gender politics without becoming too serious. 3.5/5

And if you keep applying your wrinkle cream you could look just like me when you grow up…

The Roommate

Pretty college student, Sara (Minka Kelly) initially thinks her roommate, Rebecca (Leighton Meester) is just a little overprotective but under her sweet exterior is a an obsession destined to end in violence. BORING! I felt like I had seen this film twenty times before, but better. It might have helped if Sara wasn’t so nauseatingly perfect or if Rebecca was actually scary. Please don’t bother. 1/5

Yes, those are the naked drunk pictures of the frat party I just tagged on Facebook…


This period drama explores the theory that Edward De Vere the seventeenth Earl of Oxford (Rhys Ifans) was the actual author of Shakespeare’s (Rafe Spall) works. Set against the backdrop of the Essex rebellion the film explores De Vere’s life and loves, particularly his suspected affair with Elizabeth I (Joely Richardson/Vanessa Redgrave). So far, mostly so good. It all got a little bit too political for me and as we all know, if there is one genre of film I don’t like, it’s political intrigue.  Also I could swallow the idea that Shakespeare might not have written some of the works attributed to him but the weird incest subplot was just a bit too bonkers and kind of ruined the whole thing. 2/5

The three bears called, they want their porridge back…


  1. I love Film Friday! 😀 You really must have hated The Roommate because you were really short with that one! HAHA

    1. Abbi

      Thanks! I found it hard to find anything to say because it was just so unscary.

      1. It was unscary. But what can you expect from a movie that is actually PG-13 in the states?! They could have made it more twisted and rate it R, but they figured only teens would want to watch it, since I believe the actresses were also parts in some TV-Shows… didn’t research that, but I figured by the way they were acting. ,,, but that part with the belly piercing got me flinch a little!

        1. Abbi

          I wasn’t expecting it to be bloody but it could have been more psychologically creepy but anyway… it’s just a lame movie really. Lol!

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