Film Friday… week 100

As this is week 100, I thought I’d give you a few little stats. I started doing Film Friday in a slightly different guise in May 2009. I haven’t managed to do a film review blog every single week, and there was a hiatus of a full year from December 2009 to January 2011 when my old laptop broke, but in the last 3 years and 5 months I have watched 400 films that I had not seen before (not counting anything I watched during the hiatus and didn’t document). I think that’s pretty cool. If anyone is curious about film blogs past there is a catalogue of sorts here. Now let’s move on to mostly tearing apart some movies…

The Time Traveller’s Wife

Romantic drama about the relationship between a Clare (Rachel MacAdams) and her husband, Henry (Eric Bana), who involuntarily time travels because of a genetic condition. I quite liked the book this is based on, mostly because it was easy to imagine that it was all just one big metaphor for dwelling on the past and the effects of a couple not being in the same place in their lives. That just doesn’t happen in this heavy-handed adaptation. It was also a lot harder to look past some of the rather creepy elements of the story, like Henry going back in time and hanging out with a prepubescent Clare, as well as Henry sleeping with teenage Clare, while married to adult Clare. Not great. 2/5

I said I wanted platinum, fucking cheapskate!

Another Year

It’s hard to synopsise this one because it lacks any semblance of a traditional plot. Tom (Jim Broadbent) and Gerri (Ruth Sheen) are a happily married middle aged couple who form the stable cornerstone in several people’s lives, including both family and friends. This film is kind of like being a fly on the wall during a year of their lives. While it might not be for everyone, I enjoyed the reality and the humanity of the story and how love and lack thereof is such an incredible force in people’s lives for better or for worse. Watch if you like things like Lars and The Real Girl and The Descendants. Don’t watch if you like things like Battleships. 3.5/5

Bob abd Mary were about to get out their Majorca holiday photos, preloading was essential

Noruwei no mori (Norwegian Wood)
When Toru Watanabe’s (Ken’ichi Matsuyama) best friend, Kizuki (Kendo Kôra) kills himself, Watanabe moves to Tokyo to try and escape his pain. He throws himself into university life but soon Kizuki’s girlfriend, the timid and deeply damaged, Naoko (Rinki Kichuki) follows him and they begin a complicated relationship. On the night when they first make love, Naoko reacts badly and is confined to a remote sanatorium. In the meanwhile, Watanabe meets and starts to fall for the lively, Midori (Kiki Mizuhara). Caught between these two polar opposite women, Watanabe must literally make a decision between life and death, in this stirring coming of age drama. I haven’t read the Haruki Murakami novel, but it seems many think it is a poor adaption. I mostly enjoyed it, although, like Murakami’s novels it seem like some aspects of it will never been accessible unless you are Japanese. 3.5/5

“Get off me! This is NOT how you make snow angels!”

A disgruntled office worker (James McAvoy) discovers that he is the son of a professional hit man who was part of a guild of super-assassins, whose enhanced “powers” he shares. Determined to seek revenge against the man who betrayed the guild and killed his father, Wesley, embarks on a brutal training programme to learn to control his newfound powers. So far, so good, right? Except the guild is receiving their instructions by decoding weavings from a celestially controlled loom… yes, really, a loom! To top this off, following an extremely predictable twist, Wesley decides to get rid of his enemies by flooding their lair with rats with mini explosives strapped to them. Who comes up with this crap? If you have a twelve year old boy to entertain this might be a goer, otherwise give this slo-mo, Matrix rip off a wide berth. 1.5/5

Loom of doom!


  1. You see, whilst I love your film reviews – the problem is that when it comes to anything like sci-fi, you’re simply not a fan 🙂 I really liked Wanted, yes there was some silliness involved – but it’s a comic book adaptation so that’s expected. The film is actually waaaaaay toned down in silliness compared to the comics…

    On a similar note, I can guarantee almost immediately that I would hate Another Year. Mostly based on the comment about Battleships (although I haven’t seen that and refuse to watch on the basis it has Rihanna in it!) x

    1. Abbi

      Hey! I love sci-fi. I’ve given some great reviews to sci-fi films. I am extremely fussy though and I like my arty-indie stuff 😛 You would definitely hate Another Year 😉

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