Film Friday… week 95


All Scottish princess Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald) wants to do is ride her horse, Angus, practise archery and explore the Highlands. All her mother, Elinor (voiced by Emma Thompson) wants her to do is behave like the perfect lady, after all, “a princess doesnae stuff her gob!” When Merida discovers that everything her mother has been teaching her is in order to impress suitors from three fellow clans, she rebels convincing a local witch to give her a spell to change her mother. However the spell doesn’t quite work as expected and rather than changing Elinor’s mind, it changes her into a bear. With only a day to spare before the spell becomes permanent, mother and daughter must rebuild their relationship and learn to listen to each other before it’s too late. While I normally really don’t “get” Disney, I loved the fact that Pixar went with strong female characters and no cloying love story. The animation is also glorious; Merida’s hair alone is worth the admission price and the ancillary characters in Merida’s loveably boorish father (voiced by Billy Connolly, of course) and her confectionary obsessed younger brothers are loads of fun. If you’re going to do animation, this year, do Brave. 3/5

The Glasgow Commonwealth Games were proving to be a challenge

Planet of the Apes

In this reboot of the sci-fi classic, Mark Wahlberg plays Captain Leo Davidson, a scientist who accidentally crash lands on a planet where evolution has taken a different path and humans are enslaved by genetically superior apes. Along with the help of human-sympathiser, Ari (Helena Bonham Carter), Leo must bring together the humans and stand against their monkey overlords. I’ve never seen the original so I have no basis for comparison but I really didn’t enjoy this version. I think the best thing that can be said about it is that the make-up is excellent. For the rest I didn’t find it engaging or thought-provoking and the whole concept just doesn’t work. Best avoided. 1/5

I know it was you who flung the poo at our guests. just admit it…

The Happening

On a random day in New York a group of people around Central Park stop what they’re doing and systematically commit suicide. As more and more similar incidents happen and New York is evacuated, panic sets in. High school biology teacher, Eliot Moore (Mark Wahlberg) and his wife Alicia (Zooey Deschanel) attempt to find their way to safety, with the young daughter of a friend in tow, as they try to resolve their marital issues. The concept of this film is actually pretty good but in the hands of serial flopster, M Night Shyamalan, it is absolutely disastrous. The problem seems to stem from a script so poor that it makes 50 Shades of Grey look like high art. With the cast apparently aware that the dialogue is laughable, they muster up what can barely be described as lacklustre performances. At best it is occasionally amusing, but for all the wrong reasons. 1/5

There’s a what in the middle of the road?

Fright Night

When Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) discovers that his mysterious new neighbour (Colin Farrell) is a vampire, he turns to TV mystic, Peter Vincent (David Tennant) for help with riotous results. This is a remake of an 80’s film and it really shows, being typically light on plot and high on cliché. With Farrell relishing playing a sleazy bad guy and Tennant basically playing the Doctor, very drunk, there’s a fair amount to enjoy but mostly I just kept wondering what the original was like. Watchable but nothing special. 2.5/5

Shot doooooown in a blaze of glory!


  1. theipc

    LOL – The Happening SUCKED IT!!!

    I’m glad I found your blog – this is a fun place : )

    1. Abbi

      It was pretty dreadful, wasn’t it. It was a really interesting idea though. Just badly executed.

      Glad you are enjoying my blog!

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