5 Random Songs, 5 Random Memories

I nicked this concept from fellow blogger, Commandpluszed, who put his iPod on shuffle and wrote about the memories that the first five songs that came up inspired. You can read more here. I decided to do the same. These are not quite the first five songs but they’re the first five that actually had memories attached to them. The exercise made me realise that I need to clean-up my iPod since I don’t actually recognise half of what’s on there. I’m kind of hoping this will catch-on since I’d love to know some of your music memories…

 Blue Hotel – Chris Isaak

Anyone who grew up in South Africa will remember that the SABC used to play music videos in between whatever random stuff they were showing (think Neus Chanel 9 from The Fast Show). They generally didn’t have a wide variety of videos so they’d get stuck playing the same one about five times a day. I have a clear memory of it being Blue Hotel by Chris Isaak for a while when I was about seven and becoming obsessed with the song. My mom, who has been instrumental in my musical education, was only listening to rock music at the time and professed her horror that I’d like something so bluesy and bordering on country. My mom hates country. She thinks it is the devil’s music. I still like a bit of country and I still love Chris Isaak. Sorry, mom.

If I Cut My Hair, Hawaii Sink – Chiodos

A few years ago I randomly took my ex to see Chiodos, mostly because he only really likes house music and I figured a night of screamo would piss him off. I’m mature like that. What I remember most about that night was that Skrillex opened for Chiodos. At that point no one had ever heard of him and his record company would not pay for his band to come out with him so he played a DJ set and it was awesome. I also remember that the night ended in some kind of mad house party at my place, where I eventually threw my ex out because he had climbed on the roof of the house.

You’re So Last Summer – Taking Back Sunday

Two memories for this one, one is randomly of singing this to myself while climbing the stairs to come out of Tottenham Court Road on the way to work. The other is of going to see Vampire Weekend on my own at Reading Festival because my camp-buddy, Josh, thought they were rubbish and running into Adam Lazzara and his mom outside the tent they were playing in. I briefly got to hang out with Adam and he was lovely.

When The Day Met The Night – Panic At The Disco

When Pretty.Odd first came out, I hated it. I hated it so much I declared war on Panic At The Disco (they were ! less at the time) and decided never to listen to them and then somehow I ended up leaving the album on while I was doing something else and deciding that I actually loved it more that cats. For about three months I did not listen to anything else. I racked up so many plays, that it overtook all other albums on my itunes play count. I’m still kind of sad that the band split in half and that Panic! At The Disco went back to their old sound.

On & On & On – Streetlight Manifesto

This is another Reading memory of being in the Lock-Up tent with Josh’s sister skanking with a total stranger until I was totally out of breath and had to go and lie on the grass to recover. There is no happier music in the world than ska.

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