Film Friday… week 89

Magic Mike

Mike (Channing Tatum) is an entrepreneur with his finger in many pies, most lucrative of all being stripping. When he meets Adam (Alex Pettyfer), a wayward college dropout, Mike takes him under his wing, introducing him to a life of endless women, partying and lots and lots of cash. But as Adam rises through the ranks of Tampa’s foremost male “revue”, Mike starts to realise that he’d rather be following his dream of making furniture. This surprisingly touching comedy-drama has a lot of heart and Tatum manages to create chemistry both with his young charge and Adam’s sister, Brooke (Cody Horn), the one woman he can’t instantly have… when Matthew McConaughey isn’t stealing the show as, veteran troupe leader, Dallas. It’s hardly The Wrestler but as a girl’s night out film you could do a lot worse. 3/5

Ryno was starting to regret going for the personal training option

Fast Five

I’m going to be honest and admit that there was so much going on in this fifth instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise that I couldn’t keep track of the plot. Although that might have been because I wandered off halfway through to make some flapjacks. Anyway, after Brian (Paul Walker) breaks Dominic (Vin Diesel) out of prison, they head off for Rio, where they find themselves not only on the wrong side of the law but also on the wrong side of the ruling criminal order. Of course this leads to the fabled “one more job” and the reunion of the original gang. It’s action-packed, fast, utterly ridiculous and definitely pushing it at 130 minutes long. But as action movies go though, it’s pretty stylish if you like that kind of thing and the city of Rio is like an additional character. Not really for me but if you like cars, boobs and watching Vin Diesel and The Rock kicking the shit out of each other, you’ll love it. 2.5/5

Dominic embraced his inner ballerina and flew gracefully across the favelas


When Michelle (Kimberley Nixon) returns to her home town, she catches the eye of Malachy (Rupert Grint), who works at her father’s (James Nesbitt) leisure centre as well as his best friend, Luke (Robert Sheehan). Malachy and Luke are soon pulling off progressively more outrageous and dangerous stunts to impress Michelle, putting increasing pressure on their friendship. When she eventually suggests a party in the leisure centre things quickly get out of control with tragic consequences. I really enjoyed this coming of age drama and thought all three leads were surprisingly good. The story really captured the recklessness and heightened emotions of adolescence. 3/5

In their enthusiasm to get into the pool, the young holidaymakers had skipped a very important step


Lonely, isolated waitress, Agnes (Ashley Judd) meets Iraqi vet, Peter (Michael Shannon) and allows him to move into her motel room with her. He soon convinces her that the room and both of them are infected with bugs that were implanted by the army and the government. Before long Agnes is completely immersed in Peter’s paranoia and becomes convinced that the outside world out to get them. As Peter’s conspiracy theories wear away at Agnes’ very self, the couple physically hack away at their bodies trying to find the ever more elusive bugs. If any film ever epitomised the term “claustrophobic” this is it. This is not an easy watch and I was often disturbed and distressed by the themes explored onscreen. This is not a horror film in the traditional visual scare sense but it is certainly horrifying.  3/5

Behold the power of the magic elbow!

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