Film study… week 79


After his wife (Live Tyler) falls off the wagon and runs off with her drug dealer (Kevin Bacon), loser, Frank (Rainn Wilson) has a religious experience and reinvents himself as a “super hero” called The Crimson Bolt. Unfortunately Frank doesn’t actually have any super powers or any money… fortunately though he does have a wrench and a lot of suppressed rage. He quickly inspires a deranged comic book store worker (Ellen Page) who becomes his sidekick as he attempts to fight crime and get his wife back. I suppose the best description of this film is black comedy but it’s hard to categorise it. It’s pretty off the wall so steer clear unless you’re into indie cinema. I thought it was great.

Neighbourhood posters: not just for lost cats

American Reunion

Thirteen years after graduation Jim, Michelle, Stiffler and the rest of the American Pie gang reunite for one weekend. Jim and Michelle are parents who have lost their bedroom mojo, Kevin is a henpecked house husband, Oz is a semi-famous sports presenter and reality star, Finch is a world traveller and Stiffler is, well Stiffler. I am not going to pretend that the “final” instalment of the American Pie franchise is a piece of cinematic brilliance but if, like me, you grew up with this gang, chances are you’re the same age and you can relate to at least one of the directions their lives have gone in. Unlike most sequels they’ve managed to get the entire gang back and it’s at least as funny as the wedding one. I cried with laughter through most of it.

Their lives may have changed but their shirts stayed the same

Mad Max

Set in a dystopian near-future, a speed freak cop (pre-insanity Mel Gibson) brings down a member of a vicious bike gang only to find the he and his young family have become the gang’s next target.  After a about half an hour of watching this we realised that none of the actors were speaking in Aussie accents, which was a bit odd being that it’s an Aussie film. Turns out we had the dubbed version?? The dubbing definitely detracted, so if you’re going to watch this, try to get the original. It’s nothing like the other two Mad Max films but it does have a similar sort of bonkers charm.

Wild boys, never losing, wild booooys…


Rango, a pampered pet chameleon (voiced by Johnny Depp) acts out scenes from play’s he’s written with the toys in his tank and dreams of glory. When he finds himself stranded in a small desert town during a water shortage, he can’t resist hamming it up and soon finds himself sheriff as a result of his tall tales. In over his head, Rango, must cross over to the “other side” to find out who he really is and save his new friends from a sinister plot to take their land. While this is animated, it’s not really for kids… and it wasn’t really for me either. I can see why people might enjoy it though so don’t let me put you off.

Hunter S Thompson… the chameleon diaries

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  1. Wait, there is a *dubbed* version of Mad Max? Because Aussie accents are that hard to understand? How baffling. Also, I didn’t like Rango much either. It was far too abstract. Like a lot of the crazy TV commercials here in the UK…

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