Film Friday… week 75


Ben Affleck plays Mike Jennings, an engineer who routinely works on confidential projects, allowing his employers to erase his memory to safeguard their secrets. When he is offered a massive pay check to give up three years of his memories, he can’t resist but when he wakes up the money is gone and he’s wanted for murder. With no memory of what’s happened, Mike has to piece together the clues he’s left for himself to get to the bottom of just what exactly he’s invented and what the implications are. This starts out well but towards the end it becomes a bit ridiculous and the whole thing never gets much past average.

Will this machine really make me forget years of my life? Could you erase Daredevil please?

Say Anything

This iconic Cameron Crowe romantic drama stars John Cusack as romantic underachiever, Lloyd Dobbler as he convinces beautiful overachiever, Diane Court (Ione Skye) to fall for him. While Lloyd and Diane try to navigate life after high school as well as what their feelings for each other mean, Diane’s life starts to fall apart in the background when the father she hero-worships proves not to be quite who she thought he was. Beautiful and subtle, this multi-textured coming-of-age film really captures the confusion and intensity of falling in love for the first time. Definitely worth a watch.

Lloyd's boom box aerobics weren't catching on quite like he'd hoped

Scream 4

I grew up with the Scream franchise so I couldn’t resist checking you this fourth instalment. This time Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) is back in Woodsboro to promote her book on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the original Ghostface murders. Unsurprisingly, Ghostface appears to be back, along with bickering married couple Gale Weathers-Riley (Courtney Cox) and Sherriff Dewey (David Arquette), except this time the target is Sidney’s niece, Jill (Emma Roberts) and her group of friends. I’ll admit a genuine gasp of surprise when the killer was revealed but for the most part this unscary horror plods along. Probably not worth the effort.

Any minute the turkey would come around the corner and Christmas dinner would be on!

2 Days in The Valley

On the hottest weekend of the year in the San Fernando Valley a complex hit job takes place leaving behind an interwoven thread of mayhem and misdeed that converge over two bloody days. Famously known for launching Charlize Theron’s career, this twisted satire is smart and funny and has late nineties stamped all over it… in a good way.

Dear, your pulse is racing. Was it all the excitement of a new vacuum cleaner?

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