Film Friday… week 74

Take Me Home Tonight

Four years after graduation, genius Matt Franklin (Topher Grace) is working in a video shop much to the disgust of his parents. When his high school dream girl, Tori Frederking (Teresa Palmer) walks in one day he takes the bold step of agreeing to go to his sister’s (Anna Faris) boyfriend’s (Chris Pratt) party along with his insane best friend (Dan Fogler). In attempting to impress Tori, Matt tells a rather large porky, putting their fledgling romance at risk. Attempting to make an 80’s style teen comedy post the 80’s might have sounded like a good idea but somehow the glorious clichés that were so much fun in the 80’s don’t transplant well and while this is not a bad film it’s just so predictable, it’s hard to stay engaged. Excellent soundtrack though. Recommendation: re-watch Sixteen Candles.

Teresa had a bright future ahead as a Kristen Stewart look-alike artist


A psychologist (George Clooney) is summoned to a space ship orbiting a mysterious planet called Solaris, after the crew report strange happenings. Soon odd things begin to happen to him and he is forced to question the very nature of existence. It’s hard to say much about this film without giving away too much. I didn’t enjoy this dark, claustrophobic bit of sci-fi but if you were a fan of things like Moon you might.

Did you ever get that feeling your head was like... a bubble...

The Most Fertile Man in Ireland

Kris Marshall plays Eamon Hanley, a shy Irish Catholic dating agency worker obsessed with, Rosie (Kathy Kiera Clarke) who works in a nearby funeral home and doesn’t know he exists. When Eamon strays from his romantic path and impregnates local tart, Mary (Tara Lynne O’Neill) he finds himself being pimped out for his sperm by an opportunistic colleague (Bronagh Gallagher). At the same time he finally manages to catch Rosie’s eye but what will happen when she finds out that Eamon is the father of half the children in the surrounding area. There is something wonderfully surreal about the hyper-colour cinematography that gives this film a weirdly cartoonish feel but it probably could have done without the weird IRA subplot. Harmless fun if you fancy something a bit different.

That distraught feeling when you realise your man bag just doesn't match your shirt

True Grit

When fourteen year-old Mattie Ross’ (Hailee Steinfield) father is murdered by one of his employees she is determined to bring his killer to justice, employing drunken, trigger-happy U.S. Marshall, Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges). It’s not long before they’re joined by righteous Texas Ranger, LaBoeuf (Matt Damon) who is also on the murderer’s trail. But Cogburn and LaBoeuf just can’t get on and neither of these wild west “heroes” is comfortable taking orders from a teenage girl, no matter how determined she might be but at the end of the day only one thing counts, whether you have true grit. Steinfield is phenomenal as Mattie and it’s hard not to get sucked in to this Cohen brothers remake of the original. Highly recommended.

"Just hold still for one more moment", he thought. "And I'll have your hat..."

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