Film Friday… week 73


In the mid to late 90’s there was a spate of reimagined Shakespeare remakes kicked off by the gorgeous Baz Luhrman take on Romeo and Juliet. This modern day, old language version of Hamlet set in New York falls into that group. To some extent I can’t comment on how good an adaptation of the original play this is, as I’ve never studied it but I felt like this film went on forever and just didn’t provide the reward for the time investment. I would suggest not bothering.

Look, you don't need a woolly hat AND sunglasses. Pick a season, Hamlet!

The Green Hornet

When feckless playboy, Britt Reid’s (Seth Rogen) father dies, he has some pretty big shoes to fill, but rather than manning up, he convinces his father’s mechanic Kato (Jay Chou) to join him in becoming a crime fighter called The Green Hornet. Before long Britt is in way over his head and Los Angeles’ crime kingpin, Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz) is after him. But is there more to his father’s death than he initially realised? Mr Osbiston enjoyed this heartily but I found it silly and annoying with Chudnofsky’s wonderfully mental behaviour being the only thing worth watching for. Only for “based on a comic” fans.

Do you feel like a douche in this outfit? Because I feel like a douche in this outfit.


A dystopian society controlled by a sinister religious order hides behind walls after the end of a brutal war with vampires. When a warrior priest (Paul Bettany) discovers that his niece has been kidnapped he goes rogue to try and find her, enraging the religious order and uncovering a threat more terrible that he ever imagined. It might be because I watched this when I was in the throes of illness but I had a tough time following the story of this dark, graphic novel inspired action tale. That said, although it lacked things like character development or logic, there was something quite stylish about it. You could do worse.

Bob woke up feeling a bit "bitey"

The Hunger Games

This adaptation of the bestselling novel is set in a future where the United States has been reborn as Panem, a country divided up into twelve zones controlled by a greedy, corrupt Capitol. Each zone is forced to send children as tributes to fight to death in a display of the Capitol’s power and control. When Prim Everdeen (Willow Shields) is chosen as the female tribute, her sister Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) is compelled to volunteer in her place. Well-paced, brilliantly acted and exceptionally haunting, The Hunger Games is a must-see, drawing several parallels with our wealth-obsessed, reality TV driven society. You’ll enjoy it whether you’ve read the book or not but I’d suggest that it adds to the experience by giving you a much more in-depth understanding of the politics.

Katniss seemed less than thrilled that she'd won the "most tangerine dress award"

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