The Big Egg Hunt: Day 4: Zone 6: Piccadilly

I was lucky enough to have two companions on my Saturday egg hunt in the form of Dominic and Emily. We started out our day exploring the Piccadilly zone. There was immediate excitement because, through following The Big Egg Hunt on twitter, I knew the ever moving Where’s Wally Egg was hiding out in Waterstones. Check him out. Too cool.

Our roamings took us through Fortnum & Mason, where we spent some time drooling over food we’ll probably never afford to buy. We were lucky enough to find not only the Violet, Dowager Countess of… egg, which wasn’t supposed to be there.

We also found the magnificent Golden Speckled Egg, which is made entirely out of chocolate… YUM!

Em declared her favourite egg of the zone to be Basileus in The Burlington Arcade.

Dom was more of a Cocoon man but he wanted me to state that he was somewhat concerned that some kind of nest of bugs might be living inside it.

As for me I fell in love with Fantastic Peter Faun in Hatchards.

For anyone else who does this zone, just a warning that Untitled by The Chapman Brothers has not yet been delivered to Burlington Arcade so if you can’t find it, you’re not going mad!

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