Film study… week 67

Bad Girls

Billed as Young Guns in bras, I had high hopes for this… after all Young Guns was my favourite film when I was fourteen. I think my mum and I rented it about 12 times. Now I’m not sure if I watched Young Guns again now if it would be rubbish or if Bad Girls was missold… but it was pretty rubbish. Four Wild West hookers attempt to go straight and buy a saw mill (??) but get caught up in an old vendetta with a highwayman and there is lots of shooting. Dozed off several times. Don’t bother.

I'm on a horse!

Killing Bono

This is journalist, Neil McCormick’s (Ben Barnes) biopic about how he and his brother, Ivan (Robert Sheehan), childhood friends of U2 front man, Bono (Martin McCann) attempt to become biggest rock band in the world. What makes this film interesting (and amusing… and tragic) is the series of terrible decisions Neil makes, managing to sabotage his band and his brother at every turn. It’s probably a bit drawn out but if you like band films you’ll enjoy it.

Hipster activity #342: pouting in front of your record collection

Never Let Me Go

It’s hard to review this film adaption of Kuzuo Ishiguro’s novel without giving away the big dark, premise that hangs over the whole story. But essentially it deals with feelings of love, lust and jealousy stirred up by a love triangle between three friends. The film is atmospheric and conveys the epic bleakness of the novel and like the novel it throws up a lot more questions than it answers. Definitely worth a watch, but not if you’re in the mood for something cheerful. Also… read the book.

I say! It's jolly fucking cold out here, isn't it? Yah!

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

The problem with this fourth instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is that they appear to have made the story up as they went along by pulling plot ideas out of a hat. Picture the writers getting to a certain point in the story and then going, “What shall we do now? Get the hat! Ah, zombies! Yes, chuck in some zombies.” Anyway… Captain Jack (Johnny Depp) is tricked onto Backbeard’s (Ian McShane) ship by an old flame (Penelope Cruz) while they search for the fountain of youth. At the same time Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), who is now part of the Royal navy (??) are also looking for the fountain in order to prevent the Spanish from getting to it (????) And there are mermaids and some other religious shit. I don’t know… Only for hardcore fans. Even I’m getting tired of Captain Jack.

Stay behin' me... I think I can 'ear that monkey... an' some zombies... an' a mermaid... an' a pig...

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