Film study… week 63

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

After the death of his mother, Victor Frankenstein (Kenneth Branagh) becomes obsessed with creating artificial life, but the man he creates (Robert De Niro) terrifies him and Frankenstein leaves him to die.  Unfortunately for Frankenstein, the monster survives and is desperate for revenge. Compared to the cartoon depictions of Frankenstein I’m used to this was extremely creepy and De Niro is barely recognisable as the tortured monster. I’m off to read the book now.

Alex Reed was pretty sure his latest publicity stunt was going to do nothing for his career as a drag artist

The Hurt Locker

After the death of their commanding officer (Guy Pearce), an elite US army bomb squad falls under the command of a maverick sergeant (Jeremy Renner), who is battling not only the Iraqi terrorist threat but also his own demons. The tension created by watching the soldiers disable bombs that could go off at any second is matched only by the intense emotional trauma that they desperately try to manage in order to do their jobs. This is nail biting stuff and definitely worth a watch if you like your war movies.

Neil Armstong had a sneaking suspicion that he'd screwed up somewhere in the navigational planning

Play It Again, Sam

Allan (Woody Allen) is the absolute essence of neuroses. He over thinks absolutely everything, obsessing over minor inconsequential details and destroying his relationship with his wife in the process. When she leaves him, he turns to his best friends, married couple, Linda (Diane Keaton) and Dick (Tony Roberts), leading to a hilarious foray into the world of dating, with the spectre of Humphrey Bogart (Jerry Lacy) literally following him around.  This film has some serious laugh out loud moments and shows Woody Allen at his comic best.

You are a strong and beautiful woman... no one can take your spirit

The Basketball Diaries

In this film adaptation of writer, Jim Carroll’s teenage diaries, a promising basketball player’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) life spirals into crime, prostitution and homelessness after he becomes addicted to heroin. This is Leonardo at his waiflike, angelic teenage best and watching him go from that to absolutely ruined is harrowing. This will remind you why he’s genuinely a brilliant actor. Not an easy watch but a good one.

Shake it, shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture!

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