Film Study… week 62

Burke And Hare

It’s 19th century Edinburgh and the physicians of the day are somewhat puzzled about what actually goes on inside the human body, meaning that there is a high demand for fresh corpses and a spate of grave robbing. When hapless Irish immigrants, William Burke (Simon Pegg) and William Hare (Andy Serkis), discover that murder is rather more profitable than grave robbing, hilarity of the darker variety occurs. There is no question that Andy Serkis acts everyone else in this film into the ground and that it has a decidedly home-made feel about it but I found it entertaining enough, especially for the gigglesome sex scenes between Serkis and Jessica Hynde.

Santa: You're doing it wrong

You Can Count On Me

Single mom, Sammy’s (Laura Linney) life is complicated enough, but the simultaneous arrival of a nitpicking new boss (Matthew Broderick) and her unpredictable, drifter brother, Terry (Mark Ruffalo) throws her into turmoil. This is one of those films where nothing happens but it is beautifully acted and Linney’s turn as the flawed but caring, Sammy is excellent and Ruffalo shines as the well-meaning but confused, Terry. It’s a good watch as a study of sibling relationships, but make sure you’re in the right mood because the pace can drag a little.

I'm telling you, this tomato was the size of a human head!

The Scouting Book For Boys

When young teen, David (Thomas Turgoose) finds out that his best friend, Emily (Holliday Grainger) will have to leave the caravan park they live in, he agrees to help her go into hiding. It’s not long though before David is in way over his head and the burgeon sexual feelings he has for Emily turn to something much darker as he uncovers a devastating fact that Emily has been keeping from him. I will admit that I found the first hour or so of this film a bit boring but it quickly becomes harrowingly dark and after that I was glued. Not to be watched if you need cheering up but it’s an impressively creepy tale.

Hardcore Parkour!

St Trinian’s

Did St Trinian’s have a plot? Not really… something about saving the school from its creditors. Was the writing good? No. Was the acting good? No. Did I actually rather like it? Well, ashamedly, yes. I’m not sure if it was because my mum had a bunch of St Trinians cartoon books that I loved as a child or if maybe it was because I went to an all girls school and it took me back 15 years to my pyjama party days, but I found myself rather entertained. I wouldn’t in any way mistake this for a piece of cinema brilliance but it doesn’t take itself too seriously and it made me chuckle.

Mean Girls... the British reboot

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