Recruitment consultants: letting agents for people?

As most of you know, I work for a job site. Recently I’ve been doing some analysis of data collection on different sites which meant I reactivated some of the many profiles I have on various competitor sites. Out of pure laziness and, it seems, stupidity I have had my real CV uploaded on some of them.

The reactivation of some of these profiles has unleashed the rabid mongrels otherwise known as recruitment agents, who now seem to think I am looking for a job. If anyone from work is reading this… I’m not looking for a new job. I’m really, really not. I like my job. It has all the things that are important to me: interesting work, good benefits, lovely colleagues, fair compensation, unbeatable location and as much stability as you can have in the current climate.

I get calls and emails all day from people who not only have limited grasp of the digital marketing landscape, but who also probably have made little effort to even read the aforementioned CV. I know the market is hard at the moment but I’m surprised that anyone would think someone current in a job would be interested in taking a step down the career ladder with a pay cut and a relocation to the sticks.

Dear recruitment agents… I don’t want a non-management role in Kent paying £10,000 a year less than what I get paid now for a company I have never heard of. Please don’t be surprised when I tell you this. I would not like to see the job description anyway. I realise that you don’t immediately know that I am not actually looking for a job but if I don’t return your call, please don’t leave me 17 voicemails. And when I reply to your email saying, no thank-you I am not looking for a job right now, sending me twelve other irrelevant job descriptions is not going to change my mind.  I would understand if you were chasing me for jobs that match my experience level and skill set but you’re not even getting that right. You’re like the letting agents of the job market. If I looking for a job, I certainly would not trust any of you with my future. Thanks, Abbi.

It makes me even more aware of the intense frustration that anyone who is really looking for a job must be experiencing. All I can say is, good luck, you’re better off doing it yourself online and avoiding the vultures, and if anyone needs any good “blow off” lines for getting rid of them, I’m happy to help.

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  1. Firstly, I haven’t been past here for a little while and I must say I love the new layout!!!

    That must be ridiculously frustrating. Dealing with people eejits as part of your job is one thing, but to be hounded by them is another ring of hell entirely.

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